Kittens & Mama Cat

by R

My dream started with me waking up in bed and looking

down at my bedroom floor. I saw two tiny kittens.
one was yellow and the other was gray/black/white
I then looked down at the foot of my bed where our dogs
bed is, and the mama cat was laying down in it.
I remember being surprised and then somewhat scared.
I got out of bed and got my husband, I was in a hurry and
couldnt believe my eyes. When my husband saw the cats he
was just looking at them calmly. I said "look! Look!" and everything
got dark, and then the only thing I could see was the darker
kittens eyes glowing. The cats never moved. The yellow kitten was
sitting up the whole time, the darker kitten was laying down, the mama
cat was asleep. That was it.

I was talking to mother the day before the dream
about my husband and I talking about possibly having
our second child (we have a 2 yr old now).
I feel like this could be related to that conversation.

Thank you for taking the time to read my crazy dream.

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by: John

I'm not entirely convinced the dream relates to the discussion you had with your mother. Could it be anything else?
For some reason it doesn't "ring true" - it feels to me like it's something else.
Your feeling scared at seeing the cat makes me think this way.

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