by Linda

I went to my boyfriend's friend's house looking for my boyfriend. When I entered his house, he knocked me down and started kissing me. I got free and ran outside. My son was outside and I saw that my son had a cut on his hand. I picked hin up and started running down the street. My boyfriend's friend was chasing after us. I looked back at him and he had turned into some kind of monster.

This dream has bothered me greatly and I rarely have nightmares.

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by: John

the dream suggests to me it is to do with your fears of a relationship. The knocking you down and being intimate resulting in you running away is symbolic of this. However, your son having a wound implies you may worry about how your relationship(s) affect him. Thus, you run away perceiving anyone who comes after you as a potential monster toward either you and/or your son. You may perhaps fear intimacy.

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