Looking For Right Gate At Airport

by Timothy
(St. Anthony, NL, Canada)

I am scheduled to fly somewhere and I have the information on the airline I have never flown with. I arrive at the airport three hours early and I try and find the right place to go. I ask someone for directions to find the airline and show them the ticket and they direct me. I have my three items including a carry on and it is awkward to find the place. I go where they tell me and somehow I can not seem to find the right place. Everywhere I go seems to be wrong and I continue to ask directions and time is passing and I begin to worry I will miss this important flight. I have not made my own arrangement's and someone else in some department arranged the flight. Everyone I ask seems to be very disinterested in really helping me. I even try and phone the number for the airline that I have never heard of. The number is all messed up on the phone and when I try and press the buttons the 1 and 800 and the rest of the number sequences are not in a row but somehow impossible to dial. I am so stressed out and upset that I am going to miss my plane and that the company will be mad that I was not there. I feel worse and worse as the time ticks down and I am getting quite upset with the people I ask for help. Every place I go is leading no where and my plane is going to leave without me. I am very upset when I reach a person who seems to be ignoring my request for help. When I ask her I see she is talking to another man and he has a name tag with a logo that looks to me at first like the airlines logo and I shout at the lady and tell her this man works for the airline but when I look again at the name tag it turns out it is inside out and has the logo of the Holiday Inn but it somehow is similar to the airline but now I see it is not. I know I am running out of time. I have spent hours going from place to place never to find the right place. I then wake up.

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by: John

I believe this dream is about feeling as though you have no direction and undertsanding of life's purpose. Everywhere you go seems to amount to more frustration and stress. The dream suggests that you possibly feel time is running out with respect to finding your 'destination'. Or rather, the means to be able to help you reach your destination in life. I believe this is a spiritual dream in the sense that it is a message you may be looking and relying on sources to find your destination that cannot help you; in fact, they are only serving to confuse you more in waking life.

The Same Dream with a Different twist NEW
by: Tricia

I have the same exact dream as the airport dream, except I am trying to find my hotel room so I can get ready for some event. I can never find the right, door, building or elevator. When I find the right elevator it usually ends up wrong and takes me to a place I don't understand and usually travels both horizontally and vertically. No one can ever help me and I often run into family members who ignore me or are unhelpful or just disappear. Like the airport dream, I can never dial the right numbers on the phone and when I find something or someone who I think can help me -- they change. I have had this dream on several occasion, but it is basically the same as the airplane one!!!

Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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