Losing My Little Finger

by Charlie

This was a strange dream as I had it after intending to get up then falling back to sleep again. It was very disturbing and I felt it was real when I woke up. I felt that it had really happened.

I was working with kids (secondary age) in a school, (not very surprising as that is my job - I teach Literacy to secondary school kids - very rewarding and enjoyable).
I don't think it was a proper lesson, it was more like we were in a gym. In a room off the side of it, trying to find a basketball. It might have been that they were getting ready for an exam. Anyway something vital that they needed was missing, some part of a calculator or something. In the end I said I'd go off and find it for them. There then ensued a terrible journey on my bike. I kept getting lost, then ending up coming out onto motorways or roads that were more or less impossible to navigate by bike. Eventually I found myself struggling up a very steep hill of quite posh Victorian terraced houses (like in Clifton, Bristol). I knocked on a door and someone came out. The only way I could persuade them to give me the part was to chop off my little finger. I then got back to the gym, passing by stunned people in pubs all enjoying themselves and asking me what on earth I was doing as it was all a waste of time. When I got back to the kids I found that they didn't need the part anymore. I remember feeling shocked at the end when I realised my finger wouldn't grow back, but I had a feeling it was worth it! I then woke up to check if I still had my finger!

I am contemplating a divorce or at least separation from my husband at the moment, but am torn. Particularly worried about my kids.

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by: John

Intending to get up but returning to sleep and dreaming suggests the message is important.

It is assumed the dream is related to the problem you state at the end of your post - concern about how your possible separation will affect your children.

The children you are 'working with' are symbolic of your own - 'very rewarding and enjoyable'. It wasnt a proper lesson - it was fun/play but you knew they were getting ready for an exam (ie. a test). That test being life in a potentially divorced arrangement.

They and you were aware of a missing component - your concern that they will likely miss something should you separate. So you went searching for the part they needed resulting in getting lost in the myriad of twists and turns along the way and struggling up a hill - uphill battle. this battle occurs in a place you describe as 'posh' - implying a sense of inferiority. It also suggests the place where you are seeking what you are looking for appears better - a case of the grass being greener. The dream then infers what you seek will take work, you will get lost along the way, but most importantly, it will come at a price - personal sacrifice.

The inference of the people in the pubs suggesting you are wasting your time is correct - arriving back where the children are at play they no longer require what you initally thought they needed. Perhaps because what YOU thought was needed was not what THEY needed. So in essence, on a personal level, while others may see your sacrifice as a waste of time, it gave you a sense of worth. Perhaps the dream is a reflection of your willingness to sacrifice a small part of yourself for your children and feeling the outcome is worthwhile?

Dreamer's opinion
by: Charlie

Wow! This is really accurate! Thanks John

by: J

You're welcome.

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