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How to Lucid Dream

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming techniques isn't complicated, but they do require patience.

The first technique is good preparatory exercise for lucid dreaming and the second exercise is more advanced.

Preparation for Lucid Dreaming

1. Prepare yourself for Sleep

Make yourself comfortable in bed and give yourself the instruction that tonight you will have a lucid dream. You can do this by creating a simple affirmation, such as: 'Tonight my dream will be lucid.' When you first start practising lucid dreaming, it's best to make the affirmation simply about going lucid. As you gain mastery and experience, you may affirm what you would like to dream about as well.

2. Repeat your Affirmation

Repeat your affirmation to yourself in order to fix it in your own mind. It may help to do it out loud, since it assists you in focusing your mind on your intention.

3. Hold your Intent in Mind

Keep your intention firmly in mind until you drift off into sleep.

4. Record your Lucid Dream

Upon waking up, take note whether you've succeeded in having a lucid dream and record it in your dream journal as soon as possible. Write down how long you think you were in a state of lucidity. Your estimation may not be very accurate at first, but you will become more proficient in time.

Incubating a Specific Lucid Dream

Once you've had a measure of success with having lucid dreams, you can start experimenting with incubating specific lucid dreams.

It's important to be patient with yourself as the process can never guarantee that you will have the exact environment or content that you have requested. If you persist, you'll find that you 'hit target' more and more often.

1. Formulate a Focus for your Dream

When going to bed, create a single idea which you would like to be the focus of your lucid dream. It helps to write a specific phrase down and to add a visual image such as a picture or symbol to fix the idea in your mind. Memorize the phrase you've written down and create a dreamscene in your mind. You can write this down too if you want. Remind yourself that while you're dreaming, you will know that you are dreaming. Don't allow anything else to intrude on your concentration between creating your dreamscene and falling asleep.

2. Keep the Image in your Mind

Once you've made yourself comfortable in bed and are awaiting sleep, focus on your goal to have a lucid dream, as well as the dreamscape you wish to dream about. Imagine yourself dreaming and progressing into lucidity. If there is something specific you would like to try in your dream, for example flying, imagine this happening while you are lucid.

3. Meditate on your Objective

Meditate on the phrase you've chosen until you fall asleep. If your thoughts wander, revert to focusing on your chosen phrase.

4. Follow your Focus whilst Dreaming

When you become aware that you're having a lucid dream, carry out the intentions you set as part of your dreamscape. Note your impressions and be aware of all the contents of your dream.

5. Come out of Lucidity

Once you've reached your goal, bring yourself out of lucidity and rouse yourself to full consciousness. Go over the dream in your mind in as much detail as possible.

6. Record your Dream

Record your dream in your dream journal, with notes on how it has corresponded to your intent.

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