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Dave's Dream

Labourer at work

Welcome to our Meanings of Dreams page. This dream is from John's case files:

'Dave had been seeing me for a while about anger related problems at the insistence of his partner.

After a number of consultations it emerged he was extremely unhappy in his relationship. His partner was emotionally abusive and used guilt as a means to get him to comply with her demands, to the point that he had severed ties with his children from a former marriage “because it was too much drama... she gets too jealous”.

One day Dave sat discussing his standard week: his disappointment that his partner seemed to change then went back to her old ways. I decided to ask him if he had had any dreams lately. He looked surprised but replied in the affirmative and that he had experienced a dream the previous evening. He went on to say it didn’t mean anything as it was just a bunch of thoughts that didn’t make sense. (I pursued regardless J)

Dave said in the dream he was working at a timber mill (an old place of employment) and received a message from his boss (a female) that he needed to see her urgently; she had some good news about a promotion.

Dave said he immediately downed tools and met with the boss, who, after leading him to believe he was going to be promoted suddenly said he didn’t have the job. In the dream Dave said he felt she rejected him because she was aware he had a back problem. He then left dejected and took up his usual place at the timber mill.

I asked Dave, “Who do you think that female boss might represent?”

He smiled. After a little silence Dave said, “She is like that boss. She makes promises about change that never happen. As soon as I get my hopes up it goes back to what it was and I feel trapped and dejected.”

I asked Dave what he thought the injured back issue might be in the dream. He struggled for a time trying to work this out. Eventually I offered, “Dave, do you feel you are assertive with your partner?”

Dave laughed and replied, “No, not at all. Actually, I’m quite weak.”

“Spineless?” I asked.

Dave smiled again. “Yes, definitely. Spineless, yes, I see.”

“And how would you say your partner perceives you in the relationship?”

“Weak. She works me over with guilt. She keeps me hanging all the time. I never know where our relationship is at and I always wonder whether I should stay or go. I always feel like I hurt her and that I have to stay and play out my role because I’m the baddie. I’m at fault. It’s my lot to just walk away with my tail between my legs.”

“Kind of like going back to work at the timber mill?”

“Yes. I need to make a decision about whether I’m content with the timber mill, don’t I?

“The dream is what it is, Dave. What do you think it says?”

Dave got up, shook my hand, and said, “Time to take action”.

I never saw him again.'

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