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A Prayer Answered

Young Boy in Prayer

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Stuart was a 13 year-old boy who was referred to me due to his grief pertaining to his parents separating. Stuart's mother and father got divorced and he and his 3 siblings subsequently relocated many miles away from their Dad.

Stuart would present at therapy full of sadness. He would constantly cry about the fact his father had not been able to visit. Being from a religious family, Stuart also worried that his father had swayed away from the beliefs that would determine whether he would be "saved" after death. As such, this played monumentously on Stuart's mind; he constantly worried about his father.

One day, Stuart came to therapy and stated he had - in prayer - asked for guidance in relation to his Dad. He then disclosed the following dream...

"There was this guy, and he was being chased by this other guy. He was running and running to get away because he was afraid of getting hurt."

"What kind of hurt?" I asked.

"Um, like, feelings hurt" he continued, "He ran to these people, there were four of them. These people were his family or friends, I'm not sure which, but I could tell he liked them. There was also this big globe thing. It was like a world globe but it wasn't. It was lots of different colours. It was nice and the lid screwed off. This guy's friends put him inside the globe. they hid him in there and he was safe."

"So who do you think the four people were, Stuart?"

"I'm not sure but they were worried about that guy getting caught."

"What about that globe? If that were a person who do you think it might be?"

Stuart thought for a while, "I think it's God."

"Why's that?"

"Just the feeling of saftey and peace and protection and all that."

"So who do you think the 'guy' being chased might have been?" Again Stuart paused, "I think it may have been my Dad. That he was being chased by something bad, like Satan and we helped him into the globe."

"Helped him get back to God?"

"Yes. And the four people were me, my brother, and my sisters."

"Well that makes good sense to me, Stuart, but I recall you saying that when you prayed you asked for guidance for YOU, not your Dad. So if you think about the dream in that way what do you think it's saying?"

"Um, well, I don't know really."

"If the dream was a message for you from God what would it mean?"

Stuart smiled, "I think it would be saying not to worry about my Dad and to have faith that God will look after it."

"I agree, Stuart. I think the dream is telling you not to worry about something you can't control, to let go and have faith."

Stuart was beaming by this stage, "So I don't need to worry anymore?"

I shrugged, "What's the point?"

"I guess it's a waste of time really isn't it because when I see him instead of just enjoying my time with him I worry. I just want to be happy."

"I think you have received your guidance, Stuart."

He left happier than I have EVER seen him.

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