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Dreaming of Bluebirds

Dreaming of Bluebirds Lucy came to see me as a result of grief. She recently lost a close friend to cancer and was having difficulty coming to terms with the void in her life.

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The friend, Graham, was dear to her as they had been friends for many years. Lucy would seek his guidance and advice in times of need and vice-versa. Most of Lucy's concern pertaining to Graham was his long, drawn-out, suffering in death and whether her friend was now just dust.

Lucy presented at one session and started by telling me she had seen Graham the previous night.

"How so?" I asked.

"He came to me in a dream. It was the most amazing thing!"

"What happened?"

"I was in this beautiful garden, just walking around and admiring the flowers when I looked up Graham was standing at the end of the path. I felt such elation, such happiness. He just smiled at me and offered up his hands in front of him. They were cupped at first then he opened them and two bluebirds flew out. They came flying toward me and flapped their wings under my chin and around my neck. It was so real I could feel them. It tickled and I couldn't stop laughing. Then the birds flew back to Graham. He smiled and then he was gone."

"Does this dream mean anything to you, Lucy?"

"It does now!" she said excitedly with a big grin.

I sat back and waited for her to offer up what she obviously was dying to tell me.

"I just went to see a psychic. That dream made me want to find out if he's ok so I arranged for it just this morning."


"It was incredible. I told her about Graham and our friendship but nothing about the dream last night. When she said he was in the room with us I didn't really believe her. But then she asked me something I still am blown away by!"

"What was that?"

"She told me Graham wanted to know if I liked the bluebirds!"

I continued to see Lucy after that session, however I can honestly say the content of therapy from that point on was never about her grief. That single dream and the subsequent unfolding of events afforded Lucy the understanding and peace she needed with respect to her friend's passing.

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