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The Kingfisher

Blue Dream

Bernice came to see me as a result of her mother's ill health. She was extremely anxious at the best of times and the very thought that her mother may pass was beginning to take its toll. The doctors had told Bernice not to hold too much hope; they gave her Mum a matter of days.

Bernice generally spent most of her time in my office in tears. We didn't really discuss much. What was there to say?

Then one day Bernice showed up ecstatic!

"Well someone's happy?" I asked.

"John, you will never guess what happened last night! It was amazing! Just amazing!"I couldn't believe the shift in this woman. This was going to be good.

"I had this dream."

Now what you must understand here is that I had never spoken to Bernice about dreams. Furthermore, she was in no way a person with a belief in the "great beyond". In discussing her mother's impending death she would often tell me that "Once you're dead, you're dead. That's it. Game over."

"So what was it about?" I asked.

"My Dad came to visit me!" she squealed.

Bernice's Dad had passed away almost 5 years prior.

"What do you mean visit?"

"He was talking to me in my dream. I can't describe it! It was so vivid! It was like he was there with me!"

"What did he say?"

"He was talking to me about Mum. He told me not to worry because it's not her time yet."

I was getting concerned because I knew Bernice had no belief in life after death and it seemed, on the surface at least, that she was putting all her new found faith in this dream. I had no issue with that, but given the circumstances, this was a big call.

Tentatively I pushed on, "What do you mean?"

"Last night was the first time I decided to stay home from the hospital. I was just worn out. I needed a break. Before I went to bed I was feeling so anxious and guilty that I wasn't with Mum. I mean she has literally got days, maybe even hours now and I chose last night to stay home."

It seemed to me the real reason Bernice stayed away was because she expected her mother to die last night. I let her continue...

"In the dream I was by Mum's side at the hospital being worried and all then I looked up and Dad was there. Just calm and smiling. He looked at me with the utmost warmth and said 'Bernice, she will be fine. It's not her time.'"

She pausedfor a breath then went on, "But I didn't believe him. I said how will I know Dad? If I go home and she dies how can I live with that?"

"What did he say?" I almost demanded.

"He said to trust him. I said I really want to Dad I really do but I need a sign. I need something. He looked at me and said, 'Bernice, in the morning when you get up there will be a bird in your house. That will be your sign.'" she sat and smiled.

"And?" I asked.

"When I got up this morning, there sitting in my living room was a beautiful kingfisher!" she blurted out before bursting into tears of joy.

Apparently, no bird had ever made its way into Bernice's house ever before. I continued to see Bernice for quite sometime, her mother was released from hospital shortly after this event and to my knowledge still lives with Bernice. I can 100% state that Bernice is now a believer in something greater than this existence.

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