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Dawn's Dream

Image of a Prisoner

Welcome to our Meanings of Dreams page. This dream story is taken from John's case files:

'Dawn came to see me as a result of her sister being murdered.

Her sister had been stabbed to death by her (the sister’s) partner two years prior. Old wounds were being opened as a result of the ongoing Court trial.

One day as we were talking, Dawn mentioned she had had a dream. She said the dream was intense and the associated emotion was rage. In the dream Dawn saw her sister’s murderer in prison garb. He was shackled and in his hands he held a prison. He began ripping the prison apart and tossed it at her feet.

I asked Dawn why she thought she was angry during the dream. She thought long and hard then replied, “That he still has control.”

“What do you mean, Dawn, when you say he’s still in control?”

“He stands there in Court pretending to care. Taking ‘time out’ because he is so upset by what he did and they all run around after him like he’s the victim; like he has rights.”

“What rights would you like him to have?”


“So when you see him tear up that prison in the dream what does that symbolise?”

She didn’t even have to think. “That his punishment of going to gaol means nothing. It’s not enough. He sees it as little consequence to his actions.”

“He does or you do, Dawn?”


“Me I guess.”

“So, Dawn, if you could send him to prison, torture him, and execute him, would that be enough?”

Even longer silence.

“Nothing would ever be enough. Nothing could make up for taking my sister’s life. Nothing.”

“So if nothing can make up for it, can you explain the benefits of seeking retribution?” I asked.

This question seemed to initially floor her. She sat quiet for a time and finally spoke.

“There is nothing that can make up for it, ever. So I am chasing revenge that can’t be had. It’s not in my hands. It’s in the hands of other people and there is nothing I can do about it. But I just sat here and thought about the future. What it would be like to still want revenge in twenty, thirty, or forty years. I would still be angry. I don’t want that. My sister wouldn’t want that.”

“So what do you think that dream is telling you, Dawn?”

“I think it’s telling me to let go. That the longer I focus on him the unhappier I will be in life. But more than that, I think it’s saying that if I keep needing revenge, he is in control. For me to be in control I need to free myself.”

“I agree, Dawn. Otherwise you would remain a slave to anger...”

“Oh my God!” she shrieked. “Oh my God! It wasn’t him in my dream! I mean, it was, but it was really me! I was in prison clothes and handcuffed! I was a slave! I was the prisoner! It was me who tore up the prison!”

It was a great session.'

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