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Welcome to our Meanings of Dreams page. This client story is taken from John's case files:

'Chris was a young man with a very severe drinking problem and as a result of that drinking problem he had been involved in a major run-in with the law. As such, he was directed by a Court to see me.

The first time he arrived he was an anxious little bunny with no clue as to how he was going to redirect his life. After a few sessions we began to address his alcoholism and the distortions he had surrounding his justifications for excessive alcohol abuse.

Those initial sessions were very hard for Chris. He had to confront a lot of demons but during one session he finally conceded he was a person who just shouldn’t drink. In admitting this he there and then gave up his self-deceit that drinking a "little" was okay - a belief he had resisted with all his might since I knew him.

Later in therapy he started to discuss a dream he had the previous night...

“I was at high school and I had to do a test. I was worried about it because I hadn’t prepared. I just went in and winged it and was amazed I finished it so quickly and did so well. As I was walking to do the test I noticed my Mum standing on a hill above me and she tripped. She starting sliding down the hill and smashed through this big glass box. I panicked at first because I thought she was hurt but then I realised she was okay and I started to yell at her. I was angry and relieved at the same time.”

“Interesting dream, Chris, what do you think the test was about?”


“What about in a symbolic sense? Is there any test you currently face?”

Chris thought for a while, “Alcohol.”

“And how do you think you are fairing in that test?”

“Pretty good, I still haven’t touched a drop in a month. Actually, I’ve been really surprised about it.”

“Why’s that, Chris?”

“Because when I made the decision to just stop I was scared because I had always had it there to escape and now I knew I had no escape but it’s been easier than I thought.”

“So you had no preparation to stop drinking but feel like you are doing well. Sound familiar?”

Chris smiled, “Yeah. Holy shit! So what about the stuff with my Mum? What does that mean?”

“What was your sense about her being there?”

“I don’t know. She was there to watch me do the test. The big glass box was like an observation thing that people could watch through.”

“So you feel like she was watching you in your test?”

“Yes, kind of. But she tripped and smashed the box but she was okay and I got mad.”

“And she was on a hill?”


“Watching over you perhaps?”

“Yeah, she always does. It pisses me off but at the same time I like it.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because I am an adult and I don’t need her looking over my shoulder to make sure I don’t drink but at the same time I feel good because I know she cares.”

“Angry but relieved?”

“Spot on.”

“Do you talk to her about this?”

“No. It’s like we both pretend it isn’t happening but we both know the other knows. It’s stupid. I should just say what I think.”

“Like your dream, you knew she was there and she knew you were there but nothing was said. Your mother smashing through the glass box allowed you to communicate.”

“Yeah, I knew she didn’t mean to smash it. She didn’t smash it on purpose. Like, she doesn’t want to hurt me or make me upset, she’s just being a Mum I suppose. I guess I need to be more open about that with her in both respects.”

“Both respects?”

“Yeah, the annoyance it stirs in me but the gratitude of being loved by her at the same time. If we talked about that I wouldn’t get as stressed as I do. Stress leads me to escape; to drink. I need to talk to her.”'

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