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Charlie's Dream

Welcome to our Meanings of Dreams page. This client story is taken from John's case files:

'Charlie entered therapy due to a sustained depression. Eventually we got to the root of the problem in that Charlie felt incredibly inferior to every other human being. He also felt as if he didn’t fit into society and had isolated himself to the point of living in a shed in the middle of a rain forest. He held strong opinions about society and its decline in values, morals, and norms.

One session we were discussing his emotions when he asked if I was interested in the meanings of dreams.

“Absolutely” I responded.

Charlie then informed me he had had a recurring dream for many years:

“ I’m in my shed and go to bed. In the morning I wake up and go to the front door to take a look outside and when I open the door my property is littered with skyscrapers and flash houses. I think to myself, ‘you assholes!’”

“Why do you believe you had that reaction?”

Charlie thought for a while, “Because there was all this beautiful land and they choose to build in my pocket.”

“So were you more concerned about the destruction to the land or them being so close to you?”

“Them being so close to me.”

“Why is that?”

“Because here they all are in their flash houses and here I am in a scabby old shed!”

“So you felt...?”

Charlie thought for a moment. “Inferior. There is also a dream after that one. Same thing except this time there was a pub built on the hill.”

“And what was the feeling associated with this dream?”

“I was okay with it. Actually, I thought it was good. I could walk up to the bar and have a few drinks if I wanted.”

“Did you feel inferior?”

“Not at all.”

“ Why’s that?”

“Because it was beneficial to me. People couldn’t see my shed from there and they were far enough away not to annoy me.”

“You were fine with that so long as it was on your terms?”


“But in the first dream you weren’t because you felt encroached upon, judged, and susceptible to being around people you perceived as superior?”

“Yeah, for sure.”

“Okay. I have a question for you. I warn you it’s raw and will require honesty from you. What is your opinion on the notion that your despising of society is actually a method you employ to stay safe?”

“I don’t understand what you’re asking.”

“Instead of raising the bar to place yourself up with the perceived superior people, you drop it to your perceived level to repress your inferiority and point out the faults of the supposed “superior” so that you at least feel equal?”

Charlie raised his eyebrows and thought for a bit. “That’s true. I do that. It does make me feel safe but at the same time stops me from getting what I want.”

“Which is?”


“Are you scared to put yourself ‘out there’?”

Charlie looked saddened, “Ever since I was a kid. I was bullied, picked on, and left out. My parents never praised anything I did and I developed into this person who never trusted a soul. I’ve yearned for acceptance; to feel like I belonged.”

“So the very thing you feared has happened?”

“Yeah, I guess I got what I put all my energy into... avoiding pain and loneliness.”

“That first dream, it makes a statement doesn’t it?”

Charlie thought again. “Yeah, I want to fit in but even when it [society] comes to me I avoid it because I automatically go into ‘safe’ mode. I want to shun it because I think it will all just end up with me feeling like crap.”

“You don’t trust it?”

“I don’t trust people. So I keep to myself to be safe.”

“What do you think the message is here?”

Long silence.

“That I can’t have the best of both worlds. That I’m either one or the other. At the moment I’m stuck in the middle.”

“Between the two dreams?”


“And which do you desire most?”

“To fit in; to be accepted. I need to take a leap of faith.”'

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