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Welcome to our Meanings of Dreams page. This client story is taken from John's case files:

'Wayne initially entered therapy due to low self-esteem and depression. He was very reserved and shy and extracting information was akin to pulling teeth.

One particular difficult session I informed Wayne of what it was like to be his therapist – that it was a continued tough slog and incredibly draining to do all the thinking without his help. This led to a conversation where, for the first time, openly admitted his reserved nature was the result of a harsh upbringing. He went on to describe a step-father who routinely put him down and belittled him. Eventually Wayne felt his best means of escape was to shut-up, and keep a low profile.

A week after that session, Wayne returned and told me about a dream he had after his previous visit:

“I was playing hide-and-seek with some kids, except I was an adult. I was me as I am now... I was hiding behind a chest of drawers and put a blind-fold on, for some stupid reason I thought this would not allow the kids to see me. Then I thought this won’t work of course they will see me, so I ripped it off. Next thing the kids show up and I thought they had found me. But I was invisible to them; they couldn’t see me at all. So I decided to scare them, to see if they could hear me but as I jumped out and roared, they got a fright. Suddenly they could see me. I felt scared too.”

“So what do you think that’s about?” I asked.

“It’s to do with that last session we had; that discussion about vulnerability.”

“Go on?” I requested, impressed by his insight.

“Well, the hide-and-seek was me hiding in myself, wanting others to find me.”

“Why do you think the ‘others’ were represented as children?”

“Because I’m not threatened by children, I feel safe around them because they don’t judge you.”

“As in how your step-father judged you?”

Wayne nodded before continuing, “The blindfold was about what I do when problems come up. I’m like an ostrich - I stick my head in the sand and think I can’t be seen. But in the dream I took it off because I knew it was pointless to do that.”

“A sign of awareness and progress perhaps?”

“I believe so. Then I took it off and they still couldn’t see me and I think that represents me at the surface level; no one really sees me. I fly under the radar. Then I decided to scare them because I thought it would be safe because they wouldn’t see me.”

“Expressing yourself under the false premise of doing it from a position of safety?”

“Absolutely! But expressing myself made me visible.”

“Vulnerable even?”

“Yes, that’s why I got scared. They reacted in a frightened way which made me frightened because I could be seen.”

“Makes sense.”

“I believe it’s telling me I fear people too much; that I’m too scared to be me just in case I’m not good enough and that I need to start reaching out more; giving more of myself and not worrying about the potential hurt. I need to be vulnerable to get the thing I desire... intimacy.”'

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