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Welcome to our Meanings of Dreams page. We hope you enjoy these two real life stories of prophetic dreams, taken from John's case files.

Pat’s Dream #1

'Pat was what might be termed “a sensitive”. She was susceptible to intuitive information beyond the average person. Pat was having difficulty with a recurring dream whereby she felt her head was spinning like a vortex.

Pat insisted that this feeling would sometimes transgress into her waking life and had been going on for a while but stopped abruptly three weeks ago. After much discussion in trying to draw a comparison to better understand what she meant by “spinning”, I asked Pat if it felt like water going down a drain. She looked up and excitedly exclaimed, “Exactly! That’s it!”

I said, “Pat, are you aware that the major floods now taking place in Australia started exactly three weeks ago? Could that be it?”

Pat looked upset and nodded. She has a bad habit of taking such matters to heart. She always felt she should have forewarned people.'

Pat’s Dream #2

'Pat was diagnosed as schizophrenic many years ago.

Image of Twin Towers 9/11

The diagnosis was partly as a result of disclosing some of her premonitions to psychiatrists who insisted she was, in her words, “a raving loonie”.

Subsequently, Pat was required to report at a mental health unit for many years. One day, in 2001, Pat reported as usual and informed the staff she, “Had a dream that something really bad is going to happen... planes are going to crash into buildings”. The staff fobbed it off as another of Pat’s delusions... a week later 9/11 occurred.'

Pat’s Dream #3

'Pat came to see me recently and discussed some dreams she had been having about fires. I noticed during the session her face was incredibly red and drew her attention to it. She said, "Yes, I know. My face feels like it's on fire. I keep getting these really hot flushes; the doctor thinks I might be going through menopause but I don't think it's that."

"What does it feel like?"

"It feels like my face is being burnt. That the heat builds up and can't cool down."

"How long has this been happening for?"

"3 weeks."

I immediately Googled the Japan tsunami...

"Pat, those nuclear reactors in Japan have been in meltdown for exactly 3 weeks to the day!"'

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