Meeting My Grandpa For The First Time Ever

by Rebecca

So one night I had a dream that I met my grandpa for the first time ever. He died before i was born and I never met him. All i know about him is what my mom has told me and i've seen pictures of him in his military uniform but i don't know exactly what he looks like but in my dream his face and everything was clear and when i looked at a picture after the dream the person i saw looked just like him. He was in WW2 but did not die fighting in it. In my dream I somehow ended up at the fence along an airport or military base to welcome the troops home from WW2. As soon as my grandpa got off the plane I instantly recognized him and knew it was my grandpa even though I had never met him until he stepped off the plane.(looking at a picture I would have no idea which person is him). I then hugged him and was happy to see him. I felt very comforted by this feeling and by this dream. I remember that i was in the middle of a conversation with him; asking questions to get to know each other when something abruptly woke me up. I was upset about this because I never got to say goodbye. The only thing I can think of that may have triggered it is that all my life i've wished I could meet him. The only thing I can think this dream might be telling me is that He's watching over me and knows who i am.

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by: John

I believe the dream is exactly as you interpreted it. It was him connecting with you from the afterlife. Do you remember ANY of the conversation you had with him?

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