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I had a very vivid dream that is concerning me..

I had a dream of my grandfather that passed 21 years ago on my 2nd birthday... I had a dream my brother his girlfriend my boyfriend my sister and her husband rented a weekend house on the beach in long island.. My brother and my boyfriend were asleep and everyone else was out .. I started in packing and opening all the doors in the house being mosey looking threw everything I came in one room and saw my grandfather I was soo happy to see him as he was with me and we hugged I literally felt it.. Then I wanted to talk to him but my uncle Joe who was murdered 7 years ago started chasing us and not sure if he didn't want us to talk or if he wanted to talk ... But I wanted to talk to my grandfather I put my arm around his back around his waist and we started running away from my uncle Joe who is his son. The house turned into a long hallway and I kept shutting doors so we can get away from Joe but every door I closed he opened eventually we were far ahead enough that I shut one door and locked it. And that was the end of the chaseWeNt grandfather started laughing and kissing mr he thought it was funny we were running away from someone like we were children..My grandfather started hugging and kissing me we were both crying because we were soo happy to see one another he said look how beautiful you are and you accomplished so much I'm so proud of you we kept hugging and kissing and then I started asking him questions I asked him I he ever sees my grandmother and he said yes all the time and that he loves her and always loved her then I asked him if my boyfriend is the right guy for mr and he said no he's not I asked him about m grandmother again and he said she is here I'll bring you to her . We walked to the beach with my brother and my grandmother was in the ocean which she died in an ocean she came out and hugged my brother and they fell onto the sand from the force of the hug ae again said I love you and that none of her grandchildren loved her like we did. And that was it I woke up from a loud noise my father made ... Overall I felt so happy I wanted to see them again in my dream I haven't dreamy of my grandmother ever since she died 12 years ago and my grandfather I had maybe 2 dreams of him a long long time ago. Everyone I saw the 3 dead ppl were all wearing what they died in my grand father a suit my grandmother a bathing suit Joe was wearing all white.. What does this dream mean should I break up with my boyfriend ? I honestly feel like it was a message I felt them hug me it was so vivid

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by: John

what I have learned about dreams is that when they incorporate people that have passed over the symbolism disappears. In other words, they become quite literal. People think I'm a nut but I stand by what I'm about to say: When you are visited by deceased people it is really them. Period.
This dream is beautiful. It is a reconnecting of your family; cherish it. If you value your grandfathers wisdom then perhaps begin looking at your relationship honestly and truthfully. Love is blind.
Take care.

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