Mommies Murder

by Dawn Green and B Green
(Baltimore, Maryland. United States)

DETAILS OF DREAM: mommies Hands- yellow toned. Mommies shadow . A women's voice. MY FEELINGS: I was very scared.

MY DREAM :I was laying face down , with mommies hands coming slowly towards my face but I couldn't move, like she was trying to take and use her hands to cover my eyes and/or my face.

THE TRIGGERS/SIGNIFICANTS TO MY DREAM: about two weeks ago I was awaken by screaming and thumping noises from my neighbors house when I ran down stairs to go out front I ended up running into my neighbor "mommy" ex boyfriend and he was saying that he just killed mommy and her boyfriend I got my police badge and gun and got him into custody for police, I am retired police officer. After that I went into mommies house and went up stairs looking for her but found her new boyfriend murder by her ex with a knife, he was laying in a pool of blood on the floor in between the bed and the wall which is a small space, I was yelling for the police to get a medic, I then went out front trying to inform police of the body and came to find out that mommies body was on the next block over in the street all stabbed up by her ex boyfriend, her ex murdered mommy and will , mommies new boyfriend .

Also I have dreams about running water , mommies voice, her standing at the foot of my bed with her back towards me,hearing music playing which is the same music that mommies was playing earlier that day and that night, foot steps, shadow by closet door in my room, all of these things were in another dream I had but I didn't know I was dreaming I thought I was real, it was like I was seeing it happen to me.

Also my husband is having the same dreams but he just keeps seeing the killer sitting on an air vent rocking back and fourth out front of our house dressed in all black which is what happen the night he murder them at 2am which also is that same time we have are dreams at night

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by: John

The energy of the trauma is still 'fresh' and negative. In due course it will subside. Mommie is trying to cover your eyes because she doesnt want you to see. She is afraid if you 'see' then what has happened means it's real - she hasnt accepted her death. Her ex is still in a state of waiting because he is scared to move on. If you are still having these dreams, ask her what she wants before going to sleep; and remember, they cannot hurt you if you have no fear. Faith is the key. Ask her to go to the light.

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