Mrs. Sanchez

by Jessica
(Victorville, Ca, USA)

I dreamed that I was in the forrest or a place with a lot of trees at night and that I was looking for my mother and as I left the apartment or house that I saw an aggressive bull climbing a tree to get to a stainless steel pot that was resting over a light blue baby blanket. I was worried about the bull and was feeling very fearful. I then walked into a room and there was an older lady which I interpreted as my mother or mother in law in a smokey room with another lady as if she was doing a spell or witchcraft on someone. I then asked what was going on and told her about the bull and she said that everything was fine and that the bull was looking for something to destroy. I told her to stop and she said that it was too late and I showed her the bull on the tree and she said that it wanted that pot. I am currently 4 1/2 months pregnant and I still dont know the sex of the baby. My mother was surprised about my pregnancy and my mother in law still doesnt know. I know that my mother in law used to get her cards read and I dont know how she will take the pregnancy news.

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by: John

The start of the dream suggests you feel alone as you are in a forest at night... unknown and in the dark.
The bull - I believe - is your ideas about someone who really wants to assume control of your life in some capacity (your preganancy maybe?)
The bull wanting to destroy the pot infers you have a fear the controling person wants to destroy the "receptacle that holds the food" - you being pregnant are a recepticle. Perhaps you fear they think you should get an abortion? This is perhaps reiterated again with the spell or witchcraft - your perception they do not approve of your pregnancy.
The insistence pertaining to the bull wanting that pot is perhaps your fear your mother or mother in law will try to control all manner of things to do with the baby (inc. pregnancy/abortion) and that you may see one or both of them as too interferring in your life.

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by: Lois

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