Ms Nom Zulu

by Nom
(Tshwane, South Africa)

I had a dream about my neighbour. He is male and in that dream he was standing with his back against me, naked. I could only see his back part including his buttocks.I don't know what this dream means. I felt surprised as to why I had to dream about him naked.

Hoping to hear from you soon

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by: John

I need more information. How do you get on with your neighbour? What are your views about him?
How did you come to see him naked in the dream, was he deliberatley showing you or did you stumble across him or was he 'just there'? What were your feelings during the dream? In regard to feelings during the dream, did you at the time of the dream feel the same way about anything in your waking life at that time?

Sangomas NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreaming wearing sangoma things and the people who know me they were giving me money can you explain for me

is my sister pregnant? NEW
by: Anonymous

i dreamt my mom giving two sisters fruits so im confussed..... is it posible that one of them is pregnant?

dreams interpretation NEW
by: Welile

Sanibonani. I would like to know the significance behind dreaming of twins but in the dream it was if they're my twins (triplets). They were just present not doing anyhing.

Another dream is that my bf is ithwasa. The woman helping him said she dreamt there was my bf's deceased mom standing with a grown man beside her. Then my bf's mom was telling me to him my bf on his back until whats in his stomach comes out before he get sick. So I hit him until what needed to come out came out. Where do i fit in this and what does it mean?

Dream of a neighbour NEW
by: Anonymous

It is not a good sign to dream of anybody's back, let alone that person being naked. That is called isichitho, which may either now or in future bring about bad-luck in your life.

packing clothes NEW
by: sibongile

I am dreaming that me and my husband are packing our clothes and he is actually telling me which ones to pack but if i look close its like its only my clothes that are being packed.

Black spider bit NEW
by: Anonymous

Its the second time i have this dream not even my grandmother can explain it clear to me. I had a dream whereby black spider bit me on my chest then i passed out it felt so real the other time it had bit me from the back of my head and i died in my dream i woke up so fast shacking from this dream

by: Anonymous

We are at home a pig was slaughtered,people came get pieces to braai the meat.I said I want someone with machine to come and cut it into pieces so as to put it in fridge in plastics.Someone said I must prepare R6 for cutting machine.A Fight cropped up between sister and a brother,and brother stabbed sister badly.There was blood all over,kids were crying and I was crying and went into the house.My mom started to ask what had happened,I said my cousins must be called to come and explain to my mom and aunt

indumba NEW
by: Anonymous

hi my boyfriend had a dream,in that dream he saw his family and other people taking his straf from him room then they made his room indumba,then he said that ndumba was for me,so i dont understand it, what does it means?

idlozi NEW
by: Anonymous

hi i dont feel or act like i have amadlozi bt i went to see two different people and thy told me that i have idlozi.but i dont think i do,is it poseble that i do have idlozi

interpret for me please NEW
by: Anonymous

dreamt of my late mother naked in the shower and this unknown man strangled or choked her. i started running away found myself on the rooftop, but a black stretchy hand like got stuck on me and pulled me and in fear i found out it was a black lizard or gecko that chewed my left hand off.

dream NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Ms Nom Zulu

I am had dream with the man I think I am in love with we were climbing a very big mountain together holding each other hands.and this not the only one I had more dreams with him I don't know what it meant.

Can you explain the meaning NEW
by: Thembeka

I had a dream about two cows crossing the road but one kill another one,I proceeded with my journey then at the top of the road there group of people that were singing in Sotho,am Xhosa by the way and when I listen to the song they were welcoming someone.the I woke up.I can feel this dream is important but the meaning I don't know

please help NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamt of a sangoma picking something at my home. Actually there where many n singing but one went n took something. The other one I dreamt I was in a car n my bf was driving in dirty n smelly water n didn't know which way to go to get out of it.

sea water NEW
by: Anonymous

i dream of sea water ehamba, the was not angry or anything but beluhamba ludlula phakathi kwemizi.

the other day i dreamt it was my wedding and i didint know the person i was gona marry, it was packed though people coming to attend and i even saw my late grandmother the already sitting to attend my wedding, i was already wearing my wedding gown but had so much doubt about my groom since i didnt know who it was.

Reply to Thembeka NEW
by: Anonymous

I think you should have a serious talk with your mother about who your real father is. The two cows idlozi elikubangayo and its you being welcomed into your real family.

dream prediction NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamt i was at my former inlaws house (daughters fathers family) and i was having a conversation with 2 girls i seem to know in my dream but realistically? No, they told me how they going to scam/rob the white guy whose living at my former inlaws i then walked them out the yard and proceeded to tell my former sister inlaw Amanda about it as were walkin towards the gate the white man had followed us she just nodded at what i was saying but the white guy looked like my brother inlaws dad (whose married to my little sister at present) said to me he has land that cost a fortune and gave me the papers to prove it with 2 straws of whole wheat grain in them,i didn't get to read the papers but he had dissapeared and i walked down the str i currently live in + it was night time too,there was festivities going on at my neighbours house and i went in the passage to check it out ,to my surprise i found my ol'childhood friends and we instantly hooked up,we roamed around but i could still visualize the white guy,the papers he had with the 2 straws whole wheat wrapped in but was neatly tied knots at the bottom and i was walking in a field of whole wheat during the day,sunny and also strolling my fingers through them

Anaconda eaying dog. NEW
by: Anonymous

My daghter dreamt of an anaconda swolling dog.

driving NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello i always have dream about me being in a car and then it automatically starts moving and i cant drive, keep crashing into things and trying so hard to control the car. What does that mean?

Dream of having sex NEW
by: Anonymous

I keep having these dreams where i am having sex.please interpret.

Old woman dancing next to my bed NEW
by: Cebo

Hi there I don't know how this works but let me ask anyway. I had two dreams in succession. In the 1st I dreamt I was sleeping in my bedroom and I was tossing and turning and found that some old ugly woman was standing next to my bed dancing. I got thd fright of my life and started swearing and shouting then I woke up. In the 2nd dream I am sleeping again in my bedroom and as im sleeping I feel something or someone trying to grab onto my waist and that moment I open my eyes to see what's going on and I discover that a man is sitting on the edge of my bed laughing. I got up in the same way as I did in the 1st dreams. These happened on the same night and in both dreams these people seems as if they were wearing clothing that looks like younger sister. Do you think that these dreams have a meaning?

Ex-girlfriend NEW
by: Marcus


Please help me,I dream about my ex-girlfriend having a traditional ceremony she was wearing isidwaba,umhlwehlwe nenhloko sitting on a reed mat later she stand up and dance having a short spear in her right hand.

Mngoma wami NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamt seeing the sangoma I know naked and smiling at me. She did not feel ashamed, actually she appeared to be seducing me. I was shy. Please interpret this dream

what does my dream mean NEW
by: Anonymous users

I dreamed I was going to a friends funeral but don't remember which friend and on the other sideuse the were sangomas singing and I saw this other attractive beautiful sangoma I could not take my eyes of her she came truwards me o then told her how she makes me feel she felt the same for me and we cuddle I then woked up

Dreaming of a silver pot NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello today I dreamed about a big silver pot it was new but one of the hands was broken in Zulu I'd say one the the handle be I jekile and this puzzled me in the dream

Dreaming of a silver pot NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello today I dreamed about a big silver pot it was new but one of the hands was broken in Zulu I'd say one the the handle be I jekile and this puzzled me in the dream

Attacks NEW
by: Anonymous

For the past two nights I have dreamt 2 different ex boyfriends trying to attack me and kidnap me with guns and knives but my friends and family coming to my rescue in the end of the dreams. Please tell me what this means

Twins NEW
by: Anonymous

Dreamt I was pregnant with twins... But gave birth to them they were toddlers.. and then I lost one of them at the taxi rank

Dreaming of a wedding but ended up not witnessing the wedding NEW
by: Philiswa

Today I woke up to a dream where I was going to attend my cousins wedding, there were many people there dressed for the ceremony, I was wearing a white dress. Everyone started to go to the hall where the bride will be but I couldn't go with those people because I wasn't wearing proper shoes.
I went back to get my shoes, after getting my shoes, my dress got dirty,and when I looked in the mirror my make up was messed up. In the dream I felt like something keeps preventing me from going to the wedding. I woke up without having to see the wedding.

What does this mean, I am troubled by this.

my daughter and people wearing black chasing me NEW
by: mahlatse malapane

Dear Ms Nom Zulu
I'm a 21 year old boy
Last year I dreamt peaking in a office were me, my dad, brother queued for, i saw a man wearing black and he had people in the office as he was laughing i thought it was the devil, I ran left both my dad and brother there, the man in black called out his men, they also were wearing black they chase me in black cars i ran for my life it was dark outside suddenly i saw light i ran and hidden my self, i them woke, i saw the dream twice, i also dreamt of my daughter i don't know what it means please translate

Crocodiles NEW
by: K. Maswe

Hi, kindly help me with this interpretation. I have crocodiles recurring in my dreams. One time they were chasing me and my sister. Another time I was riding it.Another time a they were trying to eat a man I didn't know. This is becoming bothersome now. Please help.

Confused NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I need help concerning a dream I had of which I'm in washing a twasana and there was another sangoma directing my every move,I could see I was stamping different types of muti and the chickens were white,the thwasana was someone I always see in my dreams please help

Wedding cake NEW
by: Hunadi Dube

I dreamt my cousin who just recently got married, walking me out of her gate and when we approached I saw her wedding cake and it was red velvet. I asked for a piece and she didn't hesitate, she just grabbed the cake with her hands and gave me a huge chunk of it.

Wearing a white wedding gown NEW
by: Anonymous

Please analyze this dream for me.
i dreamnt i was wearing a white wedding gown and matching in the street, suddenly a man wearing a ZCC badge stoppe me and asked me what kind of material did they use for my wedding gown.
I was upset at the man and walked away.

Sangoma NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi. I had a dream where I was going to see my bf mother, on my way there with my bf. We met with my bf sister ,in the dream she was a sangoma and she was with her other sangoma friends. I greeted her and she was angry when we were about to get in the house she stop us and started telling us what she's seeing.and it was about me . She told me things that had happened between me and my ex boyfriend of which we've broken up 7years ago. The things she told were 100% correct. And she told her brother that me and him will never get married and I'll marry my ex bf and we will have 1 child together with my ex. My bf was puzzled to hear this and decided to break up with me on the spot. My bf sister than told me where to find my ex bf and how lonely he is. I went to that place and I really saw him sitting down with friends,girls were also there and his gf was there also. I decided to walk away since I didn't want to disturb him. And I finally got the chance to meet with him alone and told him what the sangoma said and he was staring at me with just a lot of sorrow in his eyes and said nothing. The dreams just worries me.

What does it mean? NEW
by: Lia

Dreamt of going to my son and said the necklace his wearing is not his and then took it and wore it ( with red and white large beads)

ants NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamed of so many ants crawling onto me

River NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi miss nomzulu

I dreamt that my aunt whom im named after asked me to go to the river with her. And watch her,i couldn't see what she was doing though

Wedding of an ex NEW
by: Anonymous

My ex I loved dearly was getting married to his bride. The groom was sitting in one of those throne like chairs and the bride at the random table hiding her face behind a vase on the table. But what was heartwarming is the way he declared his love for her and everyone was over joyed by their union. I felt nothing but friendship for him and was just beautiful and he spoke from his heart that this is all he wants.

by: Anonymous


Two people have dreamed me getting married. What does it means?

inneed of urgent help NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey am inneed of urgent help, i am a thwasa and me and the other thwasa have been sharing dreams but now my problem is that when i tell ppl about my dreams i stop dreaming

Its been two months now,is this a sign that i shouldn't share my dreams pls do help

Water Creature/Snake NEW
by: Anonymous

Please help me ,i had a dream,myself and few ladies kneling next to the river,suddenly a huge creature came out of the water,but not the whole body,it opened a hole from itz body and some yellowish liquid came out and it poured me,i was yellow my whole body,yellow like the way the creature was.

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