by Tyanna

Dream : for some reason I was riding around with my friends dad (he was driving of course ) and all of a sudden we stop at this basketball court/playground and he gets out and starts beating this 6 year old girl with a baseball bat . She screamed and cry and I didn't do anything I just sat in the car watching in fear. Then I remember my dream switching people. What I mean by that is that ot wasn't my friends' dad that killed the girl ... It was my dad. (I don't know why my dream happened that way) but then I kept telling my dad to hurry and thatthe police were coming and that I didn't want him to go to jail and that hewasthe only person I loved. So with only a few seconds to get away before the cops came we somehow got to the top of a building and all of a sudden my friend (the on from earlier) malissa showed up with 1 or 2 other people. I'm not sure who they were or why they were there but the hid with me in a bathroom. After a while of hiding a few people came in and Out of the bathroom and one time these 2 people talked to us and I told them that we were hiding for Nother reason so they wouldn't be suspicious. And they agreed to help us and visit us and give us food. Then I woke up. My dream was very confusing . One minute my friends' dad killed the girl then the next minute my dad killed the girl.

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by: John

as a very general overview of this dream, I believe the message is this: If you dont stand up for what's right, you spend your life hiding and relying on others. Look at your life and see what beliefs you don't stand up for.
Oh, almost forgot... I believe the girl being beaten is actually you. Being 'beaten' into submission with a baseball bat (other people's views.. males(?))

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