My Car

well i am a sixteen parent of two kids i recently graduated from woodsmill highschool which is a school for young parents,but before i went to woodsmill i went i went to a normal school Gainesville highschool. also i recently had bought a car i really really liked ,but was in an accident and lost the car. In my dream i always start out drivin the car to gainesvile, i always see my self in third person view. then when i get there i am at class but i feel as if i could stay there forvevr it a feeling that i miss being in school with my friends and ex girlfriend. After that my dream switches to me just cruising in my car then after that i nver remeber the rest but the part that i always dream is about the school and the car.

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by: John

I believe this dream is about regrets. Wishing you could go back to the way things were before life got so complicated.
The fact that you are driving the car you crashed sugests to me a symbolism that your life might be a bit of a wreck that you created. However, you driving the car later implies a need to move on, let go of the past, and embrace assuming control of what you can now. If you can remember, send in the remanider of the dream; the part where you just start cruising. I think this end bit is significant because it is basically informing you: 'you're in control of your future... where you gonna take it?"

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