My Cat Died & I Had A Dream The Night Before He Was Running Away From Me

by Samantha
(Calais, VT)

Last night I had a dream that the front door of the house was open and it was dark outside. My 17 year old cat that has been very sick in real life ran out through the open door. I was watching him just run as fast as he could. I kept yelling his name and for him to come back. I was sad and worried that there might be something in the dark that would get him. And I wanted to get him back extremely bad. He stopped once and turned and looked at me, his fur was as white and black as when he was healthy and he looked healthy like he once was. He then turned away from me and ran into the darkness. When he turned to look at me I could see other animal eyes like they appear when lights hit them. When I woke up in the morning I found he had died sometime during the night. Was this him telling me good-bye? Thank you.

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by: John

what a beautiful dream. I believe without doubt this was your cat saying his last farewell as he entered the spirit realm. The eyes shining back at you are other animals who have crossed over and the reflection is perhaps symbolic that YOU shine a light.
Your cat is happy, and free.

Cat Died NEW
by: Anonymous

I am sorry about the loss of your cat. That must be a blessing to have a dream like that? How beautiful?My 19 year old cat died last night. I knew it was coming but it still hurt. I had a dream of a black snake with yellow rings. My husband and I was trying to find the snake in the grass but we kept getting fading glimpses of it but could not find it. I looked up interpretations and it seems snakes in dreams sometimes fore tell death and grieving. I think that it was my body and mind's way of preparing me to accept the fate that my cat had been handed.

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by: Anonymous

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