My Dog Injured Twice In Two Dreams In The Same Night

by Robert

I had two dreams about one of my dogs being injured, it was the same dog and both happened in the same place, my backyard at my house. In the first dream my dog broke her leg, I'm not sure how, I examined the dog and she whimpered when i touched her one of her back legs and then i saw it was broken, so my dad and I were trying to get her to an Animal Hospital, but when we started to leave i woke up. In the second one later that night, there was a raccoon in my backyard with my dog very close to it, so I grabbed a rifle to prevent the raccoon from hurting my dog, but my dog was grazed by the shot when I shot the raccoon. I felt full of sorrow and was sad after seeing my dog accidently shot by me. I'm not really sure of what kind of events could trigger that dream, I was kicked out of my band not long ago and I lost a couple friends over it, but im not sure what else could have triggered that dream. Interpret please and thanks for reading and helping.

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by: John

my impression is this dream is about loyalty as is symbolised by mans best friend and your dedication to the dog involved.
However, the need to protect in the second dream resulting in you actually harming the animal implies you might feel misunderstood by others with regard to your motives. Something that was not your intention perhaps resulted in you somehow inflicting a wound on someone else and you subsequently you were perceived in an erroneous light.

my dogs face sliced open NEW
by: michelle

I ad a dream my dogs face was sliced open n the skin was hangin off i picked my dog up n took her to another room in the house. I went to open my front door n a german shepard tried to get into the house to my dog, i ad to get hold ov its collar an lpck it out the house n next thing an ex boyfriend turned up n he was wearin a mask n was a murderer . Can anyone tell me wat this dream represents please

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Two dogs in one dream? NEW
by: Anonymous

Had a dream that some random couple was walking towards my house with a dog by their side and they were carrying my injured dog in their arms bringing him to me. What does it mean? What does the second dog in the background mean?

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