My Dream

by Angie
(New York)

I had a dream that I was in church with the boy I like, this is the second time I had this dream. I saw that we was in church praying worshiping but we wasn't next to each other but someone grab me and pulled me by him and I look at him and we smiled at each other the feeling was supper great and I saw that he got up went in front and he was suppose to start preaching but he wasn't feeling good and he went down and massaging his foot. Weird I know I don't know what it mean

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by: John

Difficult to unravel the symbolism without a context (ie. I have no information about your life). However, I believe this is a dream possibly to do with your spiritual growth. That is, the dream might be highlighting that you are focusing too much attention on things that are not so important in the grand scheme of things.

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by: Anonymous

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