My Fiance Killed Me

by Brenna
(Gladwin, MI, USA)

I was arguing with my fiancée's brother ( who is also living with us right now, he doesn't have any income at all and has a drug problem. In my waking life I want him gone) about leaving our home and he beat me up pretty bad. While he was beating me I was yelling for Joey to help (my fiancée). I was scared, but more than anything i was scared for the baby (i am currently 18 weeks pregnant). Joey came into the room after the beating was over and told me to take a bath. But in the dream at that moment it was like the beating had never happened. This almost seems to be a two part dream and i can pretty much translate the first part. Or i have some idea at least. Once in the bathroom i add some water to the tub and decide to smoke a cigarette, but quickly, like i needed to hide it. Joey came into the bathroom andi handed him the last half of the cigarette ( we often would share a cigarette anyway). He walked out and i continued to fill the tub all the way up to my shoulders. It was deeper than I've ever been in before. Almost too deep. I felt a sense of forebodingat this time. All of a sudden Joey burst through the door and was holding two powerful spray bottles filled with water. He started spraying me in the face. I thought it was a joke. We were both laughing. But he kept spraying, and i couldn't breathe. I was crying and gasping for air, asking him "why are you doing this? Please stop. I can't breathe". He didn't say anything, just kept chasing me around the bathroom and spraying it in my face. I couldn't get away from him. I felt scared, let down, because i trust this man implicitly, with my life. I was feeling such betrayal. I had sunk down onto the floor because i couldn't breathe and i could feel the darkness gathering around me. I collapsed. At this time Joey had woken me up in real life because i was gasping for air and sobbing. I wrote this all done right away so i could remember as many details as possible.

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by: John

the first "part" of the dream is your sense of helplessness with the whole brother situation. His beating you and then your wounds not being there implies you may pretend too often not to be affected by the matter.

Your partner suggesting a bath implies to me that you feel "Joey" does not support you and would prefer to ignore the brother problems (wash the issues away).
I believe the cigarette situation in the bath is your guilt at not being more assertive and worrying that your stress may be harming the baby. handing him the last half of the cigarette may suggest you try to get him to see how the situation harms you and the baby in peaceful ways.

The bath is too deep - you are in too deep - knowing the waters are too high and a sense of dread at being so vulnerable.
Being sprayed in the face is possibly symbloic of the whole issue being thrust in your face. Joey pulling the trigger on the bottle because in your view he has control - he can end the problem.
The laughing on his behalf and yours might be a guise you act out in waking life to pretend everything is ok when you know it's not.
Gasping for air and feeling panicked is likely how you feel in waking life. Like you are being suffocated (by the brother situation) but feel betrayed by your partner due to his lack of action.


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by: Brenna

Wow! Seems to me like you hit the nail on the head! I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of my dream. As an afternote, I did finally put my foot down about a month after the dream and the brother is gone. There's also a rule about other family living here in place. The baby is now due in sixweeks and we are doing great. Although I have been having some crazy dreams, my therapist says they are due to pregnancy ie;last trimester. Who knows, maybe I'll write one of those down too! Lol. Thanks again!

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