Nautilus Shell

by Christian
(Farmingdale, NY, USA)

My dream started off with seeing my brother and also seeing my ex-girlfriend we were all walking together on the beach and as we walking on the beach I remember feeling that why was I here with my ex-girlfriend since we broke up about three months ago and what are we doing on the beach going for a walk as we continue to walk on the beach we were looking for shells and I just so happen to see a nautilus shell buried in the sand she quickly ran over to retrieve the nautilus shell and brag about how nice and how complete it was I was upset that I had noticed it and that I wasn't the one who actually retrieved it we both actually have gone shell hunting in our past vacations but to continue about the dream as we kept walking there were more nautilus shells and I kept noticing them so I started to grab them and also noticed conch shells and I also started grabbing them. During the dream however when we first started walking on the beach we walked and walked and walked and we weren't looking for shells in the beginning we just kept walking and finally hit a wall and we couldn't get past this wall so we turned around and when we turned around that's when we started looking for shells. I felt better after I found my own shells and as we proceeded to walk I felt like something had been accomplished like I was equal or better. I felt like a calmness.

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by: John

It would seem to me the dream suggests you were in a relationship with no real direction and it 'hit a wall' that you couldnt overcome due to some issue within yourself. There was something you felt possibly insecure about (or not good enough); that you never quite measured up. Interestingly the nautilus shell is one of nature's most well known creations containing the golden ratio. The perfect ratio.
In the dream you see the nautilus but she collects it and states how perfect it is. This seems to make you jealous or inferior; that you saw the treasure but you didnt unearth it and have it to keep (not to mention her bragging about it making you feel small). The gathering of your own shells suggests to me that you only felt equal or better when you had what you perceived to be above/more than your ex. Perhaps the dream is suggesting you will feel at ease and calm within your being (and therefore more secure in relationships) when you see and retrieve your own treasures (ie. self worth)?

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The perfect ratio NEW
by: Simon Collins

The perfect ratio. In the dream you see the nautilus but she collects it and states how perfect it is.

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