On The Hill

by Nancy

A few days ago I dreamnt my father (who is still alive but I have a on and off relationship with for the past 25yrs)was standing on the top of a grass hill. Crying he was calling my name. I was walking at the bottom of the hill on a gravel pathway. Walked by without looking at him then my brother was beside me walking with me (who just recently passed away Nov 9 2011) My brother told me my father was gone forever and he would never hurt us again, then he walked away smiling. I woke up crying.

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by: John

I believe the fact your father only cried your name is significant in this dream. It suggests his sadness is directed at you and standing atop a hill implies further importance ie. the message must be heard.
The next part suggests, as you stated, your brother 'walks beside you' (seek his guidance). Neither of you looking at your father in his time of need perhaps says you do not acknowledge his pain (possibly in his separation from you and the loss of his son).
Your brother stating 'your father was gone forever and he would never hurt us again' - I believe - is a wake up call for you. That is, your brother, albeit in a roundabout manner, is demonstrating to you that the feelings of animosity between you and your father are unimportant in the grand scheme of things (eg. he will be gone one day).
I believe he walked away smiling because he planted a seed to begin a healing process. If I were you, I would ask myself why I woke up crying. I perceive these were tears of sadness? If I am correct, and in working with people at my practice everyday, the surface level emotion of sadness is generally a 'cover' for guilt.

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