My son had put some pictures that he had made and some stickers that he liked onto our living room windows.

We had come home to discover that someone had somehow broken into our home and taken the pictures and stickers off and left them in a pile by the window on the ledge and had broken the glass and the top smaller window was ajar and then handle was bent.

In the dream, upon discovering this I felt vulnerable upon discovering the stickers and pictures had been taken off first. I felt that this was the main point of the person who had done this, that he/she had taken exception to my sons pictures and stickers.

Not all of the panes of glass were broken just the one where the stickers and pictures had been.

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by: John

the stickers and pictures in the living room implies a desire to allow everyone to see (as does their placement on the window - visible) the specialness you feel about your son.
The broken window and subsequent peeling off the stickers and pictures suggests a fear that the outside world (outside the window) may harm your son in terms of attacking his vulnerabilities and/or not appreciating him. The dream infers you want him to be accepted by others in the way you see him.

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