Paralyzed In My Sleep

by allison

Okk...first of all i am used to always falling asleep with someone on the phone.... So i have a gf yes i am bisexual. And well we fell asleep on the phone she snores its ok with me. But its sometimes super loud. So i had that snoring in my ear while iwas dreaming i dram that iwas laying down exactly how i was when i fell asleep same position everything and i was trying to move and get up but i couldnt. I was sleeping sideways with the phone stuck to my ear but that snoring sound sounded like my loooong ex boyfriends voice ive had many bfs after him he was probly my first boyfriend but we never saw each other he is older than meprobly 6yrs older he kept on putting me to sleep. But all i wanted to do was wake up. I was terrified i couldnt wake up or move he kept on whispering "dream 1 dream 2 dream 3 " ect. Such as counting sheeps to fall asleep. But i ddidnt want to have him in the phone iwas terrified he was on the line i tried grabbing my phone to dial my gf the one i am inlove with but everything was dar i couldnt see the phone log nothing i randomly just went and pressed on the last call i had and dialed.... I couldnt move or anything. Then i suddendly woke up from my dream. I was relieved i woke up i felt so frightened as if he didnt want me to wakeup.... I woke up crying with alot of feelings like sad ones.. Idont know what this means i am awake as we speak obviously it totally woke me up and i cant go back to sleep..what does this mean? Please help... F.y.i hes been wanting to come to my town to meet me weve never met its been almost 5 years of us knowing each other but never met in person we stoped talking for a while but randomly talk. I do not have any interest in him as a bf or nothing. But idont know what this means. Please help thankkk youuu. By the way he also believes prays to the holy dead ...right now ihave no job been looking for one things are kinda stressed out the thing that keeps me smiling is my gf....

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