Party and Roof Talk With a Friend Who Recently Passed Away

by Heidi Saracino
(Denver, CO)

My best friend of over 30 years passed away a few month ago. While we were best friends, we fought all the time so it was nice to have a dream where we were happy and getting along.

Last night I dreamed that we were on top of a roof talking and laughing. Below us was a party and everyone was laughing and dancing. I remember it being very loud because I was worried neighbors would complain. A band was playing below us and my friend would yell down what she wanted them to play. We were going through a big bin of make up and smelling perfume. She told me her favorite make up was the pink ones (which is odd as in real life she hated pink). We just kept laughing and looking down at our friends at the party. We were pointing at guys and saying who we thought was handsome. I kept worrying through the dream that the party was too loud. Then we started tossing down coins (all different types) and trying to hit people (mostly men). When the coin would hit them, we'd just laugh hysterically. I kept asking her if she wanted to come off the roof and dance but she said she was happy where she was - on the roof and didn't want to come down.

Thanks so much! I miss my friend so much. I woke up and my face hurt from smiling so much.

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by: John

WOW! This is a GREAT dream. It is most definitely your friend connecting with you from the beyond. I believe part of what she is telling you through symbolism is to enjoy life and stop worrying about what you cannot control (volume of the band). Her liking 'pink' now is representative of the irrelvance of such trivial matters in the grand scheme of things - she likes it all!
The other most notable thing is her insistence in not wanting to go downstairs to dance as she is happy where she is. this entire section is a message that she is extremely happy in her spiritual resting place looking down on the party and interacting in how she sees fit.
Love it!

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RE: Party and Roof Talk With a Friend Who Recently Passed Away NEW
by: Amber Kenneth

Now Christmas is near & we have to enjoy a lot of party time with our families and friends, we all love to hear new things in this event. Also, we enjoy most of the time with watching new movies and like to see any horror kind of things. while making fun it’s good to bake a cup cake and brought some toffees for the kids.

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