Party Crazy

by Jessica
(Nj usa)

My dream started out as a high school reunion In some kind of basement and then I was by washer and dryer and I was looking for my diamond earrings I could only find the two earrings and one back As I grabbed the earring back I look behind me I look over and see people that I had went to high school with and then a big fight started and the whole room started to fight an kill each other an i was hiding an then as I woke up. I saw a bunch of shadowed spiders walking across the wall. I felt very confused heart was beating fast And wasn't sure if it was real or fake.

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by: John

I believe this dream is about not feeling as though you have reached your full potential or not having chosen the path in life you wish you had. The reunion suggests the dream is about the past and the basement is a place where you keep or bury stuff.
Standing by the washer/dryer suggests a view that ones tasks - even in light of the fact there is a party taking place - are menial (lacking prestigue/skill). The diamond earrings are indicative of a want to be seen as having wealth/status but not finding the back means you cannot wear them and be seen as someone of 'importance'. The party turning into the blood bath it did implies a desire that you may wish they would all go away (ie not have to see them for fear of making you feel bad about yourself).
In my view the dream is attempting to guide you toward feeling more positive about yourself.

by: Jessica

Wow... thank you very much that was a great analyst..

Education NEW
by: Anonymous

The uneducated people should learn from the educated people of the society then they can become successful and strong like The uneducated people should work hard for the development of their families.

person who actually not like school NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m the person who actually not like school so much I only remember the memories when we go to summer camp arrange by assignment service but now wherever I am in the world I must attend every year reunion party it’s good to see old mates gathering and sharing there life experiences

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