Past Relationship

by Blanca Garcia
(Garden Grove, CA)

I had a dream last night of waking up next to a arm. I was sleeping on my bed and suddenly I wake up to my ex next to me I was surprised to find him next to me. When I realized he was next to me he didnt notice i woke up until a little later. He said surprise. I was shocked at the moment of how he got in my house and my room. He did know i never lock my room door. I took advantage of him laying next to me cuddling feeling comfortable next to him. We kissed and enjoyed each others company. Because i hadnt seen him in a long time i missed him. At that moment. He fell back asleep and then I start heading outside and my mom was coming towards my room. She start yelling at me saying what is he doing here you know the rules no guy can sleep over here. we ended up in the backyard yelling and me telling my mom to calm down that nothing happened. I have a window in my room and I see Hugo(ex) wake up and give me this stare like it was too loud to keep it down. So from there my mom calms down and lets it go. I come back in my room and see him. My bed at that moment was very wierd it didnt look like a bed. It looked like paper stacks that were uneven. He even said this isnt a bed. then at that moment i was on my bed and he is standing he starts taking his pants down and says baby lets go at it. I stare at him and let him get closer to kiss me and once he wants to get sexually active I pull back and say NO! he says comon baby i missed you i havent seen you in a while. I say no we are not anything to be having sex.I dont know who you have been sleeping with. And he said no one comon babe. I stand my ground and i walk out once i come back in my room he was gone.

4) I had a relationship that never had a title with a boy named hugo for almost 1 year. Like 2 months ago i finally stood my ground and decided to talk to him what we were. That ended up our whole relationship. On New years he texted me saying that he does care about me and that he misses me a lot and that if he had the chance he would try again. thats the most recent even that i have had with him.

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by: John

waking up suddenly to find Hugo next to you in the circumstances suggests perhaps becoming awaken to Hugo's tactics.
Your mother being involved in the manner she was may imply the relationship between you and Hugo caused some conflict between you and your mother. His traing at you from the window suggests he may have been somewhat controling of you (above you, instructing you to keep quiet) and perhaps even placing a wedge between you and your mother (not sure if this is conscious or not).
The bed changing implies a form of deception whereby the object used to sleep on/have sex with someone on alters to appear something it isnt; perhaps as a means to for Hugo to manipulate you into sexual contact.
Once you stand firm on the sexual component Hugo is gone. Thus, suggesting you believe Hugo may have only ever wanted one thing.

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