Prophetic Dreams

Jung's view of prophetic dreams is that they serve as evidence that when we are asleep we are capable of projecting our thoughts forward into the future, and sometimes hitting the truth.

Predictions and Warnings in Dreams

Predictions and warnings in dreams may be in indication of the unconscious awareness of a situation, based on observations actually made but no longer remembered or accessible to the conscious mind. Prophetic Dreams

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I love the way Denise Linn speaks of prophetic dreaming in her book, The Hidden Power of Dreams. She says:

'Most people can recount at least one dream that provided them with a new understanding of life or that helped them during a crucial period. These dreams appear to reach beyond the ordinary boundaries set by most dream analysts. They are monoliths speaking of an ancient wisdom and a deeper magic. These are the prophetic of visionary dreams of old; and they originate from the wellspring deep within us, where the Creator resides. These dreams aren't necessarily ordered or commanded, but reach out to us in times of need. They lend assurance and guidance through the "dark night of the soul." The prerequisites to tracing the thread that leads to vision and prophecy in your dreams are an open heart and the willingness to ask... and listen.'

There are many famous prophetic dreaming incidents on record which are well authenticated. For example, the case of Clinton H. Elliott who, back in the mid-1950s, dreamed that his sister would die in six weeks. She did. Astonishingly, Elliott dreamed that he too would die soon. He calmly put all his affairs in order and informed his friend sand family. He even planned his own funeral.

Shortly after, Elliott died by accident. As he finished his shift at the construction site where a tunnel was being built under Boston Harbor, an enormous crane suddenly collapsed and killed him instantly. Only hours before he was discussing his prediction with his work mates, who were needless to say, a bit skeptical. In this instance, Elliott was able to see his own future in his dreams.

Prophetic dreaming also sometimes has historical importance. For example, the Duke of Wellington was inspired to restore the Alhambra in Spain as a result of a dream in which he saw this beautiful Moorish palace disintegrating. President Roosevelt had a disturbing dream that foretold of an accident due to the disrepair of the existing airport, and consequently decalred that Washington D.C. needed a new airport. Cornelia, the wife of Caesar, tried to forestall his attending the fatal meeting of the Roman Senate due to a prophetic dream of her husband's death.

We also hear about natural disasters being predicted in dreams. Interestingly enough, these dreams often occur at the same time in several parts of the world. One explanation is that when people are asleep, they are more open and receptive to information being broadcast from the psychic realms. Hence, many discoveries have their origins in dreams.

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