Psychic Dreams

'Psychic dreams put us in touch with the center of the soul, giving insight into the twists and turns of life and empowering us to take charge of our destiny and create a brighter future.'
~ Craig Hamilton-Parker

Psychic Dreams

The Role of Relaxation

One of the richest areas of psychic power is our dreams. The dream state is a highly relaxed condition, and dreams connect with the same relaxed inner states that are disovered and explored during meditation. Deep relaxation helps to minimize interference from conscious thoughts and allows intuition to become dominant. As such, dreams are a productive place for psychic experiences, including clairvoyance.


Strictly speaking, clairvoyance (meaning 'clear seeing') is the paranormal ability to obtain information about an object or event without the use of the known senses. An example of dream clairvoyance would be dreaming about something that is not known by anyone else so that it could not be received from another person's mind by telepathy. Visiting a place in a dream and spotting something unusual that later proves to be true is an example of clairvoyance.

Psychic Dreaming

Psychic dreaming is intriguing and also surprisingly commonplace. They can be of tremendous help to avoid pitfalls and discover new ways to find good fortune. They can give you a glimpse into yourself and your own amazing potential. Sometimes, they may even save your life!

When exploring psychic dreaming, in particular those dreams with a prophetic twist, it's important to stay grounded. Remember that the language of dreams is symbols. Most dreams reflect your feelings, fears and challenges. If you dream about being in an accident, it doesn't mean that this is a prediction. It's more likely that you're having the dream because you don't feel in control of your life and you're at risk of an emotional crash. Similarly, if you dream about death, it may symbolize something coming to an end in your life. An understanding of dream symbols will help you to gain more insight into the difference between psychic (or prophetic) dreams and those expressing worry.

It's also good to know that no dream about the future represents absolute certainty. The future is not set in stone. We have free will to choose and are responsible for creating our own future with the choices we make in each moment. Psychic dreaming do however provide insight into potential challenges and offer signposts on the way to good fortune.

For an example of prophetic dreams, see Pat's prophetic dreams in our clients' dreams section.

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