Scary To Comfort.

In my dream, I remember not being safe. I think I was not welcomed at my school. I was running around, trying to stay clear of any authority. And then I escaped,and me and this guy who was probably supposed to be my dad or something took off to another school, and there I got settled (kinda) and I saw a few friends there. In reality, these are some of my really close friends who live in a different state then I do. I saw them, and I think we were in math class, but the teacher wasn't there yet, so we lied down on this couch. And these girls are twins. One of them I am very close to, and the other not so much. But I've always found her interesting, fascinating even. She has always been nice, and funny, and just a cool girl. I even had a bit of a crush on her at one point. But anyway, I was laying in the lap, just my head, and she stated playing with my hair a bit, then kinda petting my head, and then she started rubbing my arm, in a comforting way, and then she started going all the way don to my waist, and all I remember is enjoying it cause it was kinda comforting.

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by: John

before offering an interpretation for this, can you please tell me what you understand about your own sexuality?

Abrish NEW
by: Anonymous

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