Sons Birthday

My sons birthday is not until august and i dreamed that we were expecting company over for the party and noone showed up, then i realized i never got the cake for him and it was late at night, so i went to the market and picked up one and we came home and sang him happy birthday. I felt terrible that noone showed but to forget the cake in the dream gave me such a guilty feeling.

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by: John

difficult to interpret dreams based on the dream alone. By that I mean, I require some context as to what you believe the dream might be related to in waking life. However, in this case, the dream reads to me as if it is about you, not your son. In my view it's about low self-worth and not feeling good enough. The feelings of guilt likely stem from deep seated ideas about inadequacy. The dream is attempting to show you this is a problem within yourself you need to address.

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by: Anonymous

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