Spider Watcher

by Terry

My dream started with a coworker, my sister, and I were working a gate at a zoo/amusment park as security for a vehicle gate. I became very angery with my coworker cause he was letting people walk through the traffic gate. I basically was yelling and cursing at him. I turned to my sister and asked why she was there, cause she does not work for our company. She said wes my supervisor called her in to be a supervisor. She said she was going to lunch and would like me to meet up with her. I said ok, and kept directing traffic through the gate, I was frustrated people were still trying to walk through the traffic gate. I tried stopping them, but gave up to go to lunch.

I went to a small building and went in. I looked aroung and there was all kinds of food. I heard my sisters voice say" Terry, I need help" I looked across the room and saw her looking into a cage. I ased," what's wrong?". She told me she bought a spider for a church donation, and something is not right. I looked into the cage and saw a large tarantula in pain. I felt very sad. Then I noticed on one of his rear legs the was a small spider biteing him. So, I pulled him out of the cage and pick the little spider off, but when I looked at the little spider again.i saw another kind of bug and smashed it. It startled me. I looked behind me and saw a leather couch, so I sat down cuddling the tarantula. I felt really caring and upset cause it was hurt. I held it cradled in my arms and was rocking as if I had a baby in my arms. The it started to transform I put it on my lap. It turned into an attractive man and was naked. I felt relieved and happy. My sister was nervous and surprised. I acted like it was normal only feelings of knowledge sadness was gone. I told her this is normal and they will transform into another creature when they want to spiders come in to forms this one just happens to be a human male. I looked around and all the food was gone. I decided I needed to go back to work. So I told my sister the tarantula will transfor back when he is ready.
I went back to work, but kept noticing the man staring at me. (the spider)....i felt uneased-scared-and creeped out. No matter where I looked he was there just staring at me with no expression.

I have no idea what triggers this dream.

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by: John

epic dream.
I believe this is about needing to assume power and control because you have been hurt in the past.
The start of the dream highlights frustration at not being listened to and not being able to control the movements of others (inc. co worker).
Your sister being your supervisor suggests you may feel some control from her over your life.
Going for lunch you are engaged in tending, lovingly to the pain of the spider. I believe this spider is a detached symbloism of you. Namely because you have become detached from yourself. His (you) rear leg is in pain (rear leg - behind - past) due to a smaller spider biting him. This smaller spider I assume may have been the cause of your pain in the past... that's why you mash it. You don't want to be vulnerable to it or reminded of it.
The fact your sister presented this issue to you under the understanding it was a good deed (church donation) may imply she introduced you to this problem in the past (not consciously).
You tending to the spider on a leather lounge (psychological) may infer you are tending to your own needs with respect to the pscyhological scars/hurt you have suffered.
The transformation of you into the naked man suggests vulnerability. You also acknowledge the attractiveness of this man - your inner goodness. Then inform your sister - who is surprised - that you will transform back into what she possibly recognises you as - minus the vulnerabilities; always attempting to stay in control.
When you look around after tending to the needs of the spider (you) there is nothing left to eat - suggesting no one was their to provide you mourishment in your time of need.
The spider (you) watching you upon returning to work (control, not vulnerable but frustrated) and your spookiness of its (your) expressionless is perhaps anxiety provoking because you are more aware you are detached from yourself and who you want to be. Left to return to attempting to remain in control but not being who you want. Being watched by that detached part of yourself you know you cannot escape.

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