by Sherri

I had a dream I had a stroke at work and my two girlfriends took me to the hospital.I couldn't move my left side .

My husband is looking for a job and we have to move.
And I don't even work there anymore.

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by: John

sounds to me as though you don't want to move. The stroke is symbolic of this reluctance (ie paralysis). The two friends perhaps implies you will miss those close to you where you currently live; that you may not have support where you are going.

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by: Anonymous

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Your dream NEW
by: CJ

A stroke is from a blood clot traveling to the brain. I think your husband losing his job effected you very negatively. You thought you could handle this life-shift, but you pressed it down and are now starting to feel the effects of your repressed anxiety. Because only half of you is debilitated, this to me says that you're trying in your own strength to do it all, but it's not working. Your friends from your other workplace (think of the character of these friends...were they always the helpful types or nurturing types?), were there to help you. I would venture to say that you have two friends in your life right now (not from this old workplace) that are great emotional support for you. They're watching you to make sure you're ok, and if they're Christians, they're probably praying for you too. We can only do our best hon, we are not machines. We need rest as human beings. It is not ok that you're taking on so much pressure. Hand your burdens over to The Lord for now, so he can lighten your load and heal and restore you. God bless you!

Dream of Having a Stroke NEW
by: Anonymous

In my dream I was getting out of bed in the middle of the night and realized that there was pressure in my head and I was dizzy and confused. I tried to yell for help, but could not and realized I might be having a stroke. I was able to make it to the bedroom door and make enough noise to draw attention for someone to call 911. It seemed the left side of my face was drooping but I could talk although my speech was slurred. I saw the ambulance come and the next memory is of me in the hospital with my daughter and others. I was alert and awake, but realized that some of the people who I saw and talked to in the hospital were hallucinations. One particular woman was talking to me and when I asked my daughter if she saw her, she said no. My comment was, I'm having hallucinations and asked her if she saw other people, some of whom she did see.

stroke dream NEW
by: Anonymous

pls help.I continuously dream that I'm having a stoke to the point where I cannot speak,and everything in my body is pulling stiff and swelling.what could it mean.

Stroke Dream Reoccuring? NEW
by: Anonymous

I had dreams of having a stroke. 30 days later in real life I ended up having blood clots traveling through my lungs. Not all dreams are symbolic. Some of them are from our own body trying to let us know were the problem is.

My suggest is to get yourself tested for blood clots asap just don't tell the docs you dreamed it. If you have none then everyone comments hear on the symbolism is very helpful.

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