by Susan vigil
(New Mexico, usa)

I was at olive garden waiting to be seated. With family. I was dressed up in black high heels

And had a over the shoulder bag. I felt like I didn't have time since I had a Scentsy party
To host. I couldn't find my husband but I knew he was there but I felt annoyed. I had to leave
And I still couldn't find him. I just decided to leave anyway. As I was walking
Out I notice it was grey outside and it started raining. I heard a voice say I will
Go with you. I turned to see who it was and it was my husband grandmother.
I told her no its raining and I am walking. She insisted she was going. So I said ok.
As we started walking I noticed we were walking on hand sizes rocks. But the weird thing
Was the side walk was right next to me. And I wanted to walk on the side walk but couldn't.
It was some what difficult for me to walk but not as hard as I thought it would be. I came up to a white 4 door ford truck Titan. And I remeber having to look in the truck even though the windows were tinted. It was a Indian young man and a heavy set women with long black hair. They had two children. But they were in side of olive garden. As I looked in they had a little tv and they so happen to leave it on. What I saw was porn playing on the tv. I was in all shock. But I didn't do anything and continued my path to the party. As I got to the place I was suppose to be at it wasn't at all the location. I ended up at my husbands aunts house. No one was there but me and his grandmother. The door rang and I opened the door and it was a lady I know and she was dressed in a black shirt as if she got off work. She told me she was there to pick me up and that I wasn't going to stand her up. She was annoyed with me. I could feel her attitude towards me. Then I woke up. I don't understand any of it.

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by: John

I believe the first part of the dream is about possibly relying on your husband too much. The walking on the stones in your heels as opposed to the 'easy' path and finding it less difficult than you thought may relate to some aspect of your life you doubt yourself in or a need to tread an unfamiliar path even though you dont want to and finding it easier than you thought (phew! long sentence). The grandmother being present is perhaps indicative of her being readily able to help you through this and even at her age she is willing and capable. The grey skies and rain may be further symbolism of your reluctance and how you see the situation (negative).
The instance where you see porn on the TV whilst walking your journey and your reaction but 'not doing anything' implies you may not be assertive. As does the latter part of the dream where the friend shows up and informs you that you will not stand her up and do as she says.
In all, I believe the dream is geared toward a subconscious need relative to independence, assertiveness, and self-esteem.

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