Talking With Dead Father

by paul
(bishop auckland)

my dad has been dead for 2 years next month and last night i had a dream he was sitting at the bottom of my bed and we were talking but i dont remember what we were talking about i woke up in a right state couldnt stop crying its realy freaked me out and i cant stop thinking about it and was wanting to know if there was any meaning to the dream

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by: John

in my experience, there is nothing to interpret... you were talking with your father. His being present suggests he has a message for you. Have you seen/heard/felt his influence before/after this experience?
Based on working with clients in therapy, the meanings behind dreams change significantly when they involve a deceased person close to the dreamer.
There is nothing to be freaked out about. Your fear is likely the reason he has not made further efforts to connect. Physical death is a phase we go through, it's not an end. Don't fear, embrace.

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by: Anonymous

I would also say you do not remember now, but when the time arises you will know what he said to you. Had this happen to myself.

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by: Armanit

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