That Guy

by Ofelia
(Laredo, Tx)

I went to bed at a late night, I wasn't thinking of anything, besides the fact that i was really tired. I closed my eyes and saw myself in a trailer park, my sister was with a guy she liked for a while and I was with some other people, that knew me. It became late at night and my new friends were trying to set me up with a some guy they knew that liked me. I thought they we're crazy, just until I saw the guy. It was my best friend Damian, we looked at each other. (Damian is my best friend, and I'd liked him ever since i met him, but he has a girlfriend that he doesn't really like, but i guess he finally broke up with her in my dream) Damian just looked at me for a while and then he smiled and took my hand, we went into his house and into his room. We were just talking, having a good time, then I tickled him by accident and he looked at me and started tickling me. He stopped tickling me, and he was on top of me, we just looked at each other. Then i woke up, I thought to myself and thought i was crazy of even dreaming about him.

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by: John

this dreams suggests to me a strong desire on your behalf to be with this man (or a man) although you may not have admitted as much to yourself. It seems with his presence in the dream that everything surrounding him and his being there and his interactions with you are all by 'accident' or circumstance; as if you had nothing to do with it. When you tickle him by 'accident' and he responds you seem to want more but something holds you back. I believe this is to do with your notions about this man having a partner already. If this were not the case I think you would actively pursue him. The dream, in essence, is a desire on your behalf to be with this man (or a man) and hoping it is so but constructing your being with him out of 'accidents' and circumstances - things you are creating to be close to him without pushing the boundaries or taking risks.

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