The Devil

by Amanda
(glasgow. scotland)

I dreamt i was in my nanas house being chased by the devil i did not see him but i knew it was the devil i was so scared i ran. into my nanas bedroom and tryed to close the door but the devils big black claw got through and scratched my arm then he got into the room. The devil said to me hel stop chasing me now he just wanted to talk to me then i felt very calm not scared any more he lay on the bed and told me to sit beside him when i sat beside him and looked at him he looked like my boyfriend only more perfect i kissed him and felt so romantic and passionate we were about to hav sex even though i knew he wad the devil i wanted to then i woke up but when i woke up i felt disapointed as if i wanted the dream and passion to continue . I cant think of anything that had happened recently that could trigger this only that my grandpa dief in january and i went to his/my nanas house last week and that was the first time id been in the room where he died since he passed, and that wad the same room that was in my dream.

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by: John

can't ask this any other way but straight out... have you and your boyfriend engaged in sexual intercourse/thinking about it/ you feeling pressured to engage?

by: amanda

Yes we have been together 4 years and enjoy regular intercourse

by: John

In that case, Im thinking maybe the dream has to do with erotic desires or fantasies that you wish to explore but are too fearful to pursue.

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Interesting Dream to Have! NEW
by: Steve

Wow. What an interesting dream. You must have triggered that dream from your last visit to your Nana's house. Sorry that your Grandfather passed. That might have had an effect on you,and made you dream.
Http:// I work with trees and have dreams often. Hard to tell where they come from. Thanks for sharing!

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fantastic article. I love dreaming, because you got to have dreams to live them.

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