To Run

by Tayler
(Sylva, North Carolina )

I have had this dream more times then I can count and there is always one constant factor: I am always running.

I remember the first time I had this dream. I was running through a forest. The trees were pressing in on all sides, a thick, lushous wall of green. It was dark, not nighttime, but cloudy, rainy. I do not know what I am running from but I know that if I stumble or stop running, I will fall and whatever it is that is chasing me will get me. There is no sound except the sound of my stumbling through the underbrush and my panting. I am exhausted but I am able to push on.

The second time I am running past houses. Fleeing from the same thing. The houses are all pale, homey looking with windows lit but no one looks out. I jump over picket fences and bushes, still fleeing from what I cannot see.

The next dreams are a blur; I run past landscapes that fade into the next. And then, I am in the forest again. I am always scared, terrified of what is chasing me, of what could get me, even though I have no idea what it was.

Every time I wake up I feel even more exhausted then when I went to sleep.

This isn't just a pleasurable jog, I'm pushing myself to the extent, beyond exhaustion.

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by: John

I believe the dream is symbolic of a fear that something from your past will catch up with you if you slow down or stop. The fear is so overwhelming that you never really take time to relax and enjoy the moment. In the dream even the landscapes and houses are untreatening yet you can never enjoy them because you are always in motion. Slow down your pace, relax, and trust in the flow of life.

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by: Anonymous

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