Totem Animals in Dreams

Many tribal societies believe that totem animals in dreams visit to give guidance. Shamans claim that powers of nature appear to them in dreams as power animals and that they can travel on the astral plane with these animal spirits to other dimensions.

Totem animals that appear in our dreams may represent qualities we need that are hidden or obscured. Some of the most well-known power animals include:

* Bears: Bears are usually associated with introspection and prophecy. Native Americans believe that people with Bear Medicine are self-sufficient and independent.

* Cats: Cats are sacred to the ancient Egyptians and often associated with mystery and clairvoyance. Cats are power animals that may bring messages about your intuitive abilities.

* Dolphins: Dolphins bring a message of playfulness and kindness. Dolphin Medicine includes harmony, balance, wisdom, communication skills and freedom.

* Eagles: An eagle is a symbol of healing, wisdom and power. It may also represent the blessing of clear vision.

* Owls: Owl power includes the qualities of discrimination and truth. The owl with its keen sight is a swift and silent messenger of secrets and omens.

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