Two Apartments

My dream starts off in an apartment, and I'm with two women, whom I cannot remember but are of no great significance in my life. We talk, and then suddenly I'm walking in a park with Frank Ocean, who's singing "I've been thinkin' bout you". We walk to another apartment building, then Frank Ocean rings the doorbell and this sexy girl that I know (but don't interact with or have a significant crush on) answers the door. Frank asks for the girl that I like, and if she's home. We enter the apartment and the girl who answered the door went to work. The girl that I like is standing there in the room with two of her kids and is pregnant with a third. She apparently became a single mother. (We're still both in college) Then I wake up for a while and the dream repeats itself in the same night.

3. If I could remember correctly, I had feelings of anxiety when I was in the first apartment. Then while walking with Frank Ocean, I was getting relieved. And when I was at the second apartment, I felt pity and grief.
4. Well, the girl I liked, infamous for being very flirty (although she says she's just friendly), I found out likes me back, after trying my hardest to make her like me. But since she is Chinese, she cannot be with a non-Chinese. And the day before the dream, she tells me that we cannot let it go on further. I tell her we have to stop talking. And the next day, the morning before the night of the dream, she tells me that something happened that made her realize that she doesn't need to love anyone. She never said what it was.

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by: John

The title of your dream says a lot... TWO APARTments

I believe the dream is related to YOUR notions of love.
The two women seem to be affording guidance and wisdom and due to the associated anxiety on your behalf it would seem the discussion is a prelude to you making a decision to pursue the girl.
I believe the Frank Ocean song (lyrical content) speaks for itself (why your subconscious chose Frank suggests you have issues :p )

Frank Ocean ringing the doorbell rather than you implies perhaps a fear on your behalf to 'find out' if the relationship is possible.
The door being answered by the sexy woman and you paying no attention to her and then her going to work may be intepreted as even though she appeals, she is not what you want. You know exactly who/what you want.
Now this next bit is significant...
You say; "The girl that I like is standing there in the room with two of her kids and is pregnant with a third. She apparently became a single mother." - This observation on your behalf and your subsequent emotions of pity and grief are being posed as a question to YOU. That is, are YOU prepared to commit and love her (a person) regardless?

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