Two Lions

by Kecia

I had a dream that I heard a lot of noise from a populated area and wanted to see what was going on. When I left the house I went into the crowed street and there was three caged lions, but they weren’t really caged because it looked more like a picketed fence with large gaps in between, enough to see inside. There was a man for each lion, and they were handling the animals’ very cruel. I thought to myself, why are these lions not escaping. As soon as I looked up I noticed that one of the lions escaped the fence and the crowd was running away but I was far away from the crowd to were I thought I wasn’t in harm’s way, so I started running fast toward the house, then I look back and noticed two lions chasing me but I wasn’t afraid. It was more like a natural reaction to get to protection. I tried to get into the house in the door was locked. I asked my boyfriend to open the door then he told me, I told you not to be noisy, that is what you get. Then I woke up

Right now my boyfriend is serving in Afghanistan for nine months. And Im ready to get promoted to leave this state.

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by: John

this dream reads to me as if you have only become aware of your ability to escape a longheld belief system that kept you caged up and never allowed you to reach your full potential. Upon awareness of this limiting belief system, you will escape the cage and free yourself. The awareness may also incorportae an understanding that what once scared you, no longer can harm you because you can protect yourself. You have therefore, via conscious understanding, learned not to fear stepping out of the old system. Your b/f's response in the dream indicates he may at times contribute to this limiting belief system by trying to keep you "quiet" (i.e. your status quo). Thus, what he perceives as something you should repress is actually something you want to express. Further, what he sees as an adverse outcome, in your (new) belief, might be productive. In all, I think the dream is telling you to unleash the lion within.

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