Unable To Lock Doors

by Joy

These dreams are random, so I can't say whether or not anything significant is/was happening in my life at the time.

This happens every time I dream about someone/something coming after me to hurt me/kill me...

I see them coming and run to close and lock the door, but it's like my fingertips will not turn the lock and instead, they fumble with it - it's like I lack the strength to turn it.

Or sometimes, the person/being that I just saw in the distance coming for me, is all of a sudden right at the door, turning the knob just as I'm trying to lock it - but again, my fingertips just can't get it to turn.

I don't ever recognize the person or thing that is after me, so it's not somebody I know. I just know I'm terrified and wanting to keep them from getting me - and I can't because of not being able to successfully turn the lock on the door.

What could this mean?

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by: John

these dreams suggest there is something in your past you have tried to shut the door on but have not really dealt with. It keeps 'chasing' you but you cant't quite keep it out. You perceive you dont have the strength to do it; you dont have the strength to lock and shut the door on it for good because a) you're too scared, or b) you don't want to.

by: Anonymous

i have EXACTLY the same dreams! something bad is chasing me or appears in fornt of the door. Something that I'm very very scared of. And then I can close the door, but can't turn the lock. And I can feel that the creature outside is opening the door and is more powerful than me.

Very similar dream... NEW
by: Jamie

In my dream I'm trying to shut the door but suddenly the door is too small for the frame and the lock won't engage because the gap is too wide. The door just swings freely in both directions. I'm either trying to keep my cats inside or there's someone or something outside I'm trying to keep from getting in. This failure to secure the entrance is always accompanied by a feeling of panic. Then the whole house becomes fragile and rickety with windows that won't close and a floor with holes in it so that there's no security at all in this house. The house is usually my childhood home in one form or another or a hybrid of my present home and my childhood home. Sometimes it an abandoned, old, dilapidated, 2-story house in a weed covered yard with one whole side missing. This house has no basis in reality but it reappears in my dreams from time to time. I don't have these dreams often but when I do, I'm usually disconcerted for a day or two after.

fragile and rickety house NEW
by: witty

Same dream as another poster.
I'm trying to shut the front door but the door won't shut, stay shut, or lock. It's always my Grandma's house. Sometimes something outside I'm trying to keep from getting in or the neighborhood is dark and scary and I just want to lock it but can't. Strangely, it's always my Grandmothers old house. It's always falling down or so rickety it's about to fall down. The house becomes fragile and rickety with gaps and cracks in it so that there's no security at all. The front door never closes. In real life, this house was old but well built and kept in solid condition. My last dream the door was splintered and we heard the house rumble and shake so we ran out of it. I have had this dream many times in 50 years. The only thing I can piece together is that my mother grew up in this house. My mother passed away when I was a teenager. I wonder if there is something leftover that is unresolved. We had a good relationship so I don't know what the dream means regarding her. I have this recurring door dream, and the public nasty bathroom dreams, all the time. My sister has the dirty public nasty bathroom dreams too. Also, we both had the "doorbell ring nobody there" dream on the same night at the same time but we live across town from each other.

What is this NEW
by: Beckie

I dream I'm running from some one and I'm scared but as I get to the door to shut it the door is to big for the frame and I can never shut it so it closes properly and fits or it it closes one side the other opens

can't lock door NEW
by: Anonymous

I keep dreaming that its the middle of the night and I'm trying to lock my front door but whenever I double check that it's locked, it opens. I'm so scared because for some reason I think I'm going to get broken into if my door isn't locked. I don't go outside at all. Last night was the 3rd night I've had this dream

can't lock door NEW
by: hannah

I keep dreaming that its the middle of the night and I'm trying to lock my front door but whenever I double check that it's locked, it opens. I'm so scared because for some reason I think I'm going to get broken into if my door isn't locked. I don't go outside at all. Last night was the 3rd night I've had this dream

Me Too NEW
by: Anonymous

It's the same for me, too, but last night instead of a proper house door it was a bus door. In my dream, there was a zombie apocalypse, so me and other survivors hid away in a bus until somebody could help us. It seemed I was the one in charge, so I locked the windows and the door. But it zombies miraculously opened the doors and windows, no matter how hard I tried to keep it closed.

Similar NEW
by: Melinda

The doors I lock just don't seem to stay locked. I know I locked the door but people can still turn the knob and open the door like it wasn't locked. I check the lock and its still in the locked position but the knob still turns suggesting the lock doesn't work. The doors that don't have locks just don't stay shut. They just start to swing open like the wind blew it open. Most of the dreams I have with these I'm trying to get people to leave me alone.

Cannot close door, bathroom public stalls NEW
by: jvgal

Last night, Ive had countless dream of my grandmother's kitchen door (used as front door) and I cannot close to lock the door right, she has been deceased for over 6 years. In life she was notorious for reminding me to always lock my door or check the back seat when I enter my car. In this dream she came into my dream standing in the dining room watching me with my hands on the door and I reminded myself okay im closing and locking the door, and I was looking at her but the door wouldnt close because it was too small. About 2 weeks ago, I dreamt of being in the kitchen and with a post it note it was a reminder "final warning" to close and lock the door. I cannot figure out what the message is, is it a metaphor? Or is she really saying to close the door from this plane to her plane when I visit her in the spirit world?

It's been 2 weeks and this dream still has me scared!!!! NEW
by: Ranae

I forget who told me in my dream to run inside my old house and lock my doors because people wanted to kill me.. or SOMETHING wanted to kill me... I forget.... But Anyway... I'm running through my house locking every door downstairs and double twisting every knob to make sure it's locked.... Then as I'm running around upstairs I can hear a door knob wiggling downstairs... So I quickly finish up with my last door to lock upstairs and run downstairs... There's nothing in the house but ALL the downstairs doors are unlocked again... so throughout my whole nightmare I'm doing this over and over and over and over.... then at the very end... I get EVERY DOOR LOCKED but there's two of these chubby type business men with long sleeve button up shirts and grey tuxedo outfit type pants but they have NO faces and had really really long legs... They stood and stared at me for a second... Then they both told me to do something... And out of scarce I just agreed but calmly let them out my back door.... Then I woke up...... really scared and would love suggestions or to hear if someone had this same exact dream!!!! EMAIL ME!!!! AND WRITE THE EMAIL SUBJECT AS: "RELATIONS TO YOUR DREAM" so I can find it easier. Thank you!! ranaeilene@gmail.com

Similar dream NEW
by: Pam

I have dreams where doors are too small for the frame but are "stretchy" so i can pull them wide enough, but when locking them sometimes it works, sometimes barely, sometimes not at all. Sometimes it's when I'm trying to hide from something, sometimes just need privacy.

I also have the public toilets with no stalls, often in a Co ed locker room.

Similar dream NEW
by: Pam

I have dreams where doors are too small for the frame but are "stretchy" so i can pull them wide enough, but when locking them sometimes it works, sometimes barely, sometimes not at all. Sometimes it's when I'm trying to hide from something, sometimes just need privacy.

I also have the public toilets with no stalls, often in a Co ed locker room.

Locking doors, old houses & nasty toilets NEW
by: Bamababe

I,m always dreaming about my childhood home. I'm looking out the backdoor and the skies are always dark, there's either tornadoes or UFOs in the skies. I run around the house to lock all the doors, but they won't stay locked cause it's smaller than the frame. The windows are shut but I can still feel the wind blowing.

I also have the nasty toilet dreams where I can't ever find a clean toilet to use.

Double doors NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a dream where I locked four or five locks on the front door to keep an old friend out. I felt like I wanted to be alone or didn't want to hang out with her and that's why I was locking the door. The friend was knocking and I was trying to be quiet and pretend I wasn't there so she would go away. Then she walked in the back door and I was surprised/startled she was there. I didn't know there was a back door or didn't realize it was unlocked. Very weird!

Update: No longer having the dream NEW
by: Witty

I used to have the locked doors and dirty toilet dreams all the time but I changed jobs after 13 yrs and haven't had either dream since. Here is what I believe the dreams mean.

I am single with no kids so my job is my life. I was unhappy for 12 of the 13 yrs at my old job but I was too content, lazy, and scared to change. I believe the dreams have something to do with my frustration with myself. Some people have mentioned it being unable to express yourself but I disagree. When I left my old job, I didn't express how I really felt, I kept my mouth shut and moved on. Almost 3 yrs have passed and I am very happy with new job and coworkers. Since I haven't had those dreams since the job change, I don't think it has to do with not expressing feelings or not having the guts to speak out. Even in my new job I still don't speak my mind. But I don't have the dreams. I think the dreams have more to do with my own frustration with myself being lazy or too scared to change.

I am scared to waking when I can't lock the door NEW
by: Shanna

I've had enough of these dreams. I know there's someone coming into my home in these dreams. I feel that someone has been coming into the house when I'm there and when I'm not there. The house is never the same, but I feel it's my home. Then when I discover that the doors are unlocked again, I try desperately to lick them again but they are either too small for the frame or the lock just simply won't catch and stay locked. It's always a sense of pure terror and panic and I know the person is not in my home anymore but he's out there, or its out there waiting to come in as soon as I move from the door. I try so hard to lock the door but it just won't catch and stay caught in the lock. This time as I was giving up, I turned to see loads of body parts all over the room. But they were just arms and legs. No blood, just what I first thought was parts of dummy's with sleeves and trouser legs on. Then to my horror, one of the legs at ankle level had an eye on it which blinked as I looked at it. I knew then immediately that it wasn't a dummy. I woke up and got straight on my phone and found this page. It really is frightening me. I think the legs and arms may come from the fact that I have mobility problems since a botched operation. But the door not locking is a recurring dream. Please can anyone give me just a little insight into what this could be as I feel vulnerable enough in my day to day life since my operation, without it encroaching into my dreams. Whoever is out there and has been sneaking into my home, I know they are dangerous to me and dark. I feel like it or the person who I sense is a male, is toying with me and really enjoys doing it. If anyone can give me a little peace back into my sleep by helping me understand why I keep dreaming about this door thing, then please please reply here. I really am struggling to find peace when all I want to do is sleep. Sleep is usually where I'm happiest at the minute. I can always walk and run in my dreams.

Locks = security = boundaries = safety from threats NEW
by: Anonymous

To look literally at what it means to be able to lock a door,
Is to be able to secure your space, you are setting a boundary,
Protecting yourself, not allowing others to violate your space,
Whether it's mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or sexual boundary.

So to have the experience over and over of it not working means the dream wants you to look at your personal boundary setting, what's violating you that you are allowing or not aware of or afraid to admit is a problem for you? Or mend to become aware of? Ask for help in understand the boundary mended in another dream. What's the solution? Dreams are medicine.

I've had plenty of these dreams and the dirty bathroom ones too. I Believe the bathroom ones are about needing privacy to take care of myself, and also or but in a "clean" way, what in my life needs cleaning?

I am incest survivor and security and safety in childhood were not much available to me.

Also rickety houses are about the self/soul, it's a universal symbol, house=self. What's the care, condition of house? Something needs some major work or TLC.

unable to lock doors at gramas house with faceless stranger outside NEW
by: Anonymous

There a person outside the house n the doors r unlocked but i didn't know anyone was there so i opened it. I look outside n he (i never see a face but it seems like a man) sees me so i go to hurry n shut the door because he's running towards it. I'm trying to close it but it's like it's really windy n it pushsing the door open so i push with all my might to get it shut to lock it. I almost have it shut enough where i can lock it but the wind is so strong. He gets to the door n starts to push it open. I got one good push in i was able to get it locked n closed just in time. Now i see him going towards the front door so i run there n the same thing happens. Now he just stands outside the front door waiting. Its one of those doors with the glass window but it has a curtin on it so u can see his shadow. He just standing out there calm. I don't know if im supposed to b at my grama house cause it doesn't look like her place exactly but she walking into the room im in an i tell her whatever u do dint open the doors there a man out there who was trying to get in but she goes to the door anyways n unlocks it. Right after he flies into the house charging at her n grabs her n starts dragging her towards kitchen. The door still wide open so i go running outside get down the lawn to the front gate that was open. When im running i hear mygrams yell go down river something.  Its slight dark outside but light enough u can see. I go to turn out the front gate that is wide open. Im trying to make it to anyone's fir help but right after i get out the front gate he's got me n then i wake up.

Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Door Too Small for Frame NEW
by: DT

In my dream I am in the yard of my childhood home at night, when a vehicle of bad people see me. I try to hide, but they've already spotted me. I run to the porch and stumble over the stairs as I gasp for breath. I run to the open front door and slam it shut, but as I slam it I realize the door doesn't fit the frame as the bad man comes up the stairs.

I've had this dream several times since childhood, but recently the dreamed has changed a bit. Now when I get on the porch I can't get my 3 cats to go into the house and stay there, or my parents open the door after I try closing it.

Similar NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a reoccurring dream that I am in a rickety caravan trying to lock all the doors and windows. Sometimes I am alone, sometimes my husband is with me and sometimes my extended family are with me. I am usually trying to hide from zombies but on occasion is has been a man with a shotgun. When I am alone I can't lock the doors or Windows and when someone else is there they keep opening them again. My cats have appeared in the dreams too, they are outside and I can't get them in. I pretty much always have it the same night that I dream I'm in a dirty public toilet or showers where the door doesn't shut/hide anything or there is no door at all. Very distressing

I finally locked the door NEW
by: Tiffany

I've read about doors not locking and what the dream could mean. For years, and I mean years, I've always dreamed of not being able to lock doors. I see the threat, know the threat is coming, and I will actually close the door and turn the lock. But, it NEVER WOULD LOCK! The door would just fly open or the threat walks in my location.

Until last night.

I dreamed it was a zombie apocalypse (this is actually significant to me, my husband and I are doomsday preppers), and my husband, myself and the people we were with in our home, had to lock down our home. I went around and literally locked every single door. And it stayed closed. To me, it doesn't mean closing the door to opportunities or not dealing with past issues, which is what some dream websites say. To me, it tells me something is coming and I now have the strength to handle it.

similar dream NEW
by: Anonymous

my dreams sound very similar, but they occur very regularly. i am being chased and i run to my house up my long driveway to my side door which is a sliding door. i am able to shut the door and switch the lock but when i go to check if it is locked i find it not locked. i will continue to frantically try to lock the door but it just won't stay locked, eventually a man with an evil smirk, a man I've never seen before tries to get in and i end up trying to hold the door closed, i don't know what this means though

similar dream NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a very similar dream but in mine i am being chased up my long drive way and i run to my side door which is a sliding door and i close it and lock it but when i check to make sure its locked it is not and i frantically try several times to lock the door but it won't stay locked, the man who was chasing me seems to take forever to come but i always know he isn't far away and i end up fighting for me to hold the door shut so he won't get in, he always has an evil grin and some figure/monster with him, i don't know this man

Door will not close properly NEW
by: Bobby

I've had this dream for years. I'm in a hotel or an apartment with lots of people outside. I don't feel threatened or scared, I just want to shut the door and door does not meet the door jamb. There's a gap as if the door is too small

Dreams of unable to lock doors NEW
by: Anonymous

I keep having dreams at least once or twice a month of the same thing happening, something scary is outside my house coming towards the door I'm standing at and I lock both locks super tight and then I check if it's locked and it just never locks it just opens everytime I lock it again.

Alexaida1984@gmail.com NEW
by: Alexaida

So last night I had a dream that I was in the mall with my 2 kids and I was being held hostage when I try to get on the elevator and leave I noticed my kids weren't there with me I tried to go back with no luck I finally found another elevator and got my kids then we started running through a house with endless amount of doors and I kept running through the doors and finally when I got to the end the man who was trying to hold us hostage was outside a big grassy field and I could not get out of the house what does this mean

Big pimples and locked doors NEW
by: Anonymous

Also in the dream I’m driving and police officers are being weird like I was in the ghetto with drug addicts all over a guy running with his hands tied behind his back and me chasing him in the car..? Shortly after I was at home in my kitchen when I walked part a mirror and saw extremely big pimples on my shoulders the size of a role that was about the size of my hand! A one where cracked open some had a crunchy dry texture that just crumbled when I touched it and I was just pealing them off by my kitchen sink as my parents talked to me and someone I knew watched me as the was going in I heard someone break my parents window I screamed told my dad and he just sat there so I tried to open the front door but I couldn’beacuse the door knob lock was not wanting to turn. it felt like they had my little sister and then I woke up .

Door not locking NEW
by: Jollien

I lost my boyfriend of 6years last week, I loved him dearly he was my future and he loved me just as much. Since he passed I been having the same type of dreams.my house door open day time and when I go lock it it doesn't want to lock then someone appears coming to my door.im anxious and scared bt i can't keep them out.

Mine was also like that NEW
by: Anonymous

I saw an old woman chasing me...but she wasn't old...she was an evil and was trying to harm me...and I tried to lock all the doors in my house but was unable to do this...

Door not fitting NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had many dreams of someone or something chasing me. I turn to close the door to shut it out, but the door is always to small for the door frame. The door never fits and there is a gap between the door and the door frame. I usually end up trying to hold the door closed while the someone or something on the other side tries to push the door open to get in. I don't know what this means because my dream never has me trying to lock it. I did have one dream where I locked it, but there was still a gap, so the something was sticking it's hand through the gap to unlock the door. These are my worst nightmares I've had latley, but it's not like they have any scary things going on. I am just very afraid of these dreams and they always come back.

Missing locks NEW
by: Anonymous

In my dream I am inside and I can sense danger all of the sudden there is a very strong wind outside that's makes the door heavy to open, but even tho I'm trying to lock it the locks are always missing, I can see the holes of the nails on the door, but I can't lock it because there's no locks, usually there's 3 doors in the room with no locks.

Robbers NEW
by: SecretlyStupid

Almost every night I have a dream about not being able to lock my door. 2 nights ago, I had a dream that there was a murderer outside my house, so I ran inside. I went to lock the door, and thought I had, but when I looked back, I'd never closed the door all the way. The murderer got in, and then I woke up. Last night, I had a dream my neighbors were being robbed, and I decided to tell them how I felt about them. They told me I'd better lock my door, and when I got to it, I had my hand on the knob, when they forced it open

It spoop me NEW
by: Anonymous

In my dream when I lock the door it immidistley gets oushed open and ai have to fight to keep it closed but whenever I peek through the opening there is nothing there and the pushing stops

saloon stylee door NEW
by: nat reely

This dreams really unnerves me, so am glad just havin th opportunity tu spit it out.

It starts off with either one ovduh housing association maintenance peeps juss walkin I tuh my flat,- um yare, like there cohabiting wit me. I'm sort ov ok but not ok wit dhat;well yuh kno wot dteemz be like; orl messed up, nutting inna itz rite place.

So ijuss sit dare onna my sofa watching th Tv, playin candy crush or reading an ibook onna my phone or juss wot everitiz am doin. Next my nemesis an her sidekick enter, she breezes in reely quick an leaves two pairuh boots propped up gainst mi front door lika doorstop; then her male foil, stooge, patsy, breezes parse me, saying he hazza text fo me. But keeps moving the mobi away wen I try look attit.

So very quickly he leaves, she's olreddi leff earlier on. So ovv course, I run go close duh door, ownly 2fine dat wen I look to see iffitiz stil cloze, frustratingly itz open(ajar).

Doors won't lock NEW
by: Hazel.eyedgirl

I have dreams often about some type of door not locking. It's sometimes a front door, but a lot of times like last night, it's a bedroom door. In the dream I'm taking someone into my room, and tried to lock the door for some privacy, but it never stays locked. I have no idea what that means.

Other times in dreams when I call for help, I try to dial 911, but instead it's 412. I have no idea what that means either.

My dream
by: Scar

In my dream I was driving and like following my parents home. It was pitch dark outside and I can’t see in the dark so in my dream I was just trying to get home but for some reason I was afraid of something. Well In the dream I stopped at a stop light and i suddenly hear the tapping of running feet. I looked in the side mirror of saw the legs of a women running she was screaming "FU**IN* BI**H!!!" And I quickly tried to lock my doors but the lock buttons randomly disappeared and as soon as they disappeared the women got in my car from the back seat and slit my throat with a knife.

Dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

In my dreams the last few nights when I’m outside at night I’m running from something not seeing anyone but the feeling somethings after me as I get to my house and shut the door the key goes threw the hole and I can’t turn and lock it or the key breaks in the lock

Failure to protect.
by: Anonymous

Every time one of my brother's children was born between the two of them there are six the age difference is from 9 to 28 and I've had a dream where either I'm inside looking out and I can't get to him and there's wolves outside or I try to lock the door and just as I get ready to lock it something reaches around and it's always in the same house for each particular dream the grabbing me was always my aunt's house and wolves getting my nephew was my house that I lived in when I was a child and then for my younger brother's youngest children I dreamt that I was in a car on the road by the river and somebody was standing in the road and I was in the backseat trying to keep the doors locked but I couldn't keep them locked and they pulled the door open and just as they're about to grab the baby I wake up the dream of the lock and somebody reaching around for me happened long before my brothers had any children but change is now that he may all have children

Solution NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had similar reoccurring dreams for much of my adult life, always my old childhood home, usually some threat and quite often zombie attacks, keep trying to lock the front door and go back and check in it’s unlocked, or it’s unlatched and slightly open and no matter how many times I locked it it wouldn’t stay locked when I come back to check.... until last night! Whatever it is in my daily life....I must’ve resolved it because in my dream, with the help of my husband of over 14 years that has never been in this dream before, we nailed a 2 x 4 across the door to keep it shut! Ha ha it worked! Seemed like such a simple solution in my dream! Strengthens my faith that my husband and I can face anything together!

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