Unwanted Guests

by Ebony

I was at home, smaller than my current home. With my husband and kids. We were starting to watch a strange horror movie and a white woman tried to walk into my home with a mixed boy about my daughter's age (12). She said I have to tell you something and kept trying to push her way in. She seemed very serious but not angry. Before she could tell me my husband woke me up.

I think I fell back to sleep and dreamt that I was breastfeeding. I am not pregnant, on long term birth control. It seemed as if I realized I had a baby in the dream.

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by: John

Hi Ebony,
it's diffcult to interpret given the dream ends with no real conclusion. I will do my best if you can answer the following questions:
Was the fact the woman was white with a 'mixed' child of any importance? What were/are your thoughts about them?
Can you remember why your husband woke you up?
At the time (or in terms of your past) was there anything you were struggling with or in need of knowledge/insight about?

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