by Andrea
(California )

Two dreams that really stand out. The first night, I dreamed that there was a school in my Grandma's backyard and I was at school, when the teacher told us that a shooter was going to come in and possibly shoot us. When the shooter walked in, it was a girl, and in my dream I somehow knew her, so I tried to get on her good side. Once she walked past me, I thought she wasn't going to shoot anyone, but she then went to a kid and pulled out a gun. In the dream, I knew I had to run, so once I got up to run, I realized that I had high heels on, making it harder for me to run. In the dream I kept thinking that she was going to shoot my back. That's when I woke up. In the dream and even when waking up, I felt an immense feeling of genuine fear. Almost like I didn't want to go back to sleep.

The second dream, just one night later, was that there was another shooter in a mall I was in. That part of the dream didn't last too long, but then it switched to me and my family in the mall, but the mall turned into big mountains of snow and we had to find our way out of all these snowy slopes. There was no more shooter, but at this point, there were wild dogs that were in packs trying to get us and we had to keep finding ways to kill them and maneuver our way around them. In this dream too I also felt fear, not as much as the first dream, but I was still scared in my dream.

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by: John

Hi Andrea,
it's difficult to say what the dreams are about given I have no context to put them in with respect to the goings on in your waking life. However, given the emotive intensity of the dreams and the fact you had similar content two nights in a row implies the message is important.
It would seem to me the basic themes are to do with some situation in life that makes you extremely uncomfortable and that you continually attempt to manoeuvre around. In the both dreams you do this with regard to the shooter and dogs. However, I believe the second dream is a sequel to the first. That is, in the first you try to win over the shooter and think you have succeeded only to discover that is not the case. Recognising things are out of your control you run (fight or flight response), yet you are hindered by your heels. I interpret this as being running from the problem -whatever it is - and side skirting it is not the answer.
In the second dream you are able to overcome the doggy issue by fighting and incorporating the help of family. I would think about how these dreams relate to the most salient issue in your life.

plain hit NEW
by: amilio

I am a kid and I dont have very good spelling so just ignor it,so I had a dream and I was on a air plain and it was flying into a building and just as I was flying on top I jumped and you can see that a nother plain hit the botum,I some how know the person flying the plain not the one that hit the botum, but the one the one I was in.He felt like my and looked like my dad.He stoped and looked at me and stoped controlling the plain I was pointing to the controls and saying fly the olain, fly the plain and by the time he turnd around we were right infrunt of the building and he was saying I'm so sory I left you.

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by: Anonymous

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