Walking Into A Public Bathroom

by Sally

I've had this dream in various form in the past a few times in my life.

I walk into a public bathroom. The toilets are broken and the plumbing is going crazy. I can not go to the bathroom or need to go but when I choose to go to a toilet there is feces everywhere! For some reason it get's on my shirt and I go to the sink to clean the feces off and I finish cleaning and walk out.

I feel confused and filthy. I wake up wondering why I have dreams with being in a public bathroom and feces?

I am in a somewhat depressed place and I am very stressed right now. My situation at work is confusing, I'm trying to keep pushing thru with a goal and keep thinking I am close to achieveing but something keeps blocking my success. Things I am not suppose to control.

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by: John

I believe the public bathroom component may be about feeling self-conscious in most matters in life. The toilets being broken etc may reflect your sense of lack of control over your life and the anxiety you often feel.
Choosing a toilet that invariably results in you getting faeces on your shirt suggests you feel a sense of helplessness with decisions you make (that they will all go to shit).
The faeces being on your shirt possibly is symbolic of your attracting shit. That is, no matter what you do something bad will stick to you making you feel vulnerable, helpless, and always trying to prove yourself. The latter (proving yourself) reflected in the cleaning up but you knowing within the details of what occurred and feeling filthy.
Thus, the dream is aiding you to understand that your perceptions of helplessness and your self-consciousness (insecurities) are limiting your growth. The thing that blocks you achieving your goals is that it will all eventually turn to shit.

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